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You guys are thinking too deep.

I’m a basic ass dude with very simple taste. Usually the songs I like end up on the charts because of my basic, lowest common denominator taste in music. No shame in admitting it.

I listen to music for the feel. I don’t really sit there and try to analyze chords and how Colourful ™️®️©️ they are. Nor do I really care about the lyrics unless they’re so corny it takes me out of the moment.

I understand that you didnt like the album and I can see how it is a letdown, it feels very weak compared to Justin's best albums. But I still enjoy it cus of songs like wave, breeze off the pond, higher, montana etc. And then there are shitty songs on there.
But i think you got it wrong how you think we sit and try to analyze the music we listen to, as if colorful chords is somehow related to having a snobbish musical taste. I get goosebumps and feel happy when i listen to some music and usually that music has "beautiful chords" in it. Its all feeling its not an analyzed TING.
AND by the way, some of the best neps beats to me like I Know and Im Beamin have delicious chords =)


but yeah this ablum sucked. the marketingnfor something can only work if what youre selling is good. other than the 9/10 WAVE i never listen to it. but take me out of it, no one liked this album. and by no one i mean the general public, my friend group and JT fans i know. it just wasnt a fire project

also playahater is so articulate that's a great quality to have.