HSDC - 5149 (Full Album/Playlist) (productions by Reggie Volume)

  • This is the full playlist of the album from the HSDC production team that I'm apart of. I included some details about my involvement on specific records that I took part in. You guys will like some of the other records too. I work with the people I do for a reason. They make me better and they inspire me. Enjoy fam.

    Kokayi - History

    We worked with Grammy-nominated artist Kokayi on this song.
    I came up with the basic foundation of the instrumental. Brandon Carlye added the keys and strings/pads.

    Hunny Blues - Carolyn Malachi

    I came up with the bridge/outro for this record. We brought in a live bassist and a trumpeter. I played alto sax on this record and wrote/arranged the non-improvised horn parts as well.

    Cloud 9 feat. Darren Hanible - Black Velvet

    This is an alternative rock record. Cloud 9 is one of the sickest band in the DMV area.
    I created the foundation of the beat for this idea. The drive. The keys for the verses. The crazy synth bass. There's sampled vocal chants in the background that was in the beat as well. I played this for the team and David Knocks one of the other producers added a few elements too. TK the lead vocalist of Cloud 9 added the crazy intro/bridge section in the beginning.

    Swilley - Savage

    Indie/Pop. I added all the drums before the outro section. I created the bridge section as well.

    Train Tracks

    This was one of first records we did dating back to last year. Jake started strumming the chords on the guitar. The rest of the production was built around the song and guitar. David Knocks and I added drums. I really wanted to give it that 6/8 feel similar to Nelly Furtado's "Showtime". I also created the bridge section.

    5149 Full Playlist/Album

  • Music is VERY good and VERY original. I like what you guys did. Drums, chord progression even the mix and master are done extremely well. I think this project will be received well by the masses.

    Btw, this record "Doja Cat - Yeah (Reggie Volume Reworks) is still on the top of my most played songs on my phone. I listen to that record a lot bruh!

    I also still listen a lot of Rawdee's older material and Nana Rogues' beats from circa 2009 (wish this dude released some new beats though). There's mad talent on this forum. Hell, I'm still waiting for that Neptunes.org Beattape!!! *crossing fingers

  • preciate that my man. I may have an actual joint with Doja Cat over some lovely chords. fingers crossed

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