Please, help me find a song.

  • can anyone help me find a nice chill song that starts with a HARP intro and makes u feel like you’re in a garden full of flowers and then some passion pit-like micro-voice sounds pop up and a drumkick starts. I heard Just Blaze play it in his set last night and it’s definitely a popular song but I can’t seem to find it

  • do u know whos the singer and if its defo produced by just blaze?

  • It's reasons like this that I've gotten close with Siri and the "what's that song" function. The struggle is real

  • i absolutely cant help you with that song but just for future ease, there's an app called Shazam for iPhone that detects what song is playing in like 3 secs

  • This? and if is not is a great song

  • thanks for the help guys
    I know about shazam and stuff but I was in a club and only remembered the song at a later time
    it's not produced by just blaze btw, it was just in his set
    I'll come across it some time I just know
    that is a nice song chickity, but not the one I'm looking for sadly hah

  • found it lads

    get innn

  • @PJ-Koopchick damn I should've got that. Massive fan of this guy's music - you should check out some more of his stuff

  • oh that one, its on the gta 5 soundtrack so i've actually been hearing it a lot :D

  • @MortenMars said:

    oh that one, its on the gta 5 soundtrack so i've actually been hearing it a lot :D

    haha that's how we found out

  • Guize i need your help to find a song too kinda

    don't mind the autistic fuck bois dancing over it.

    I think it's this :

    But it doesn't have that switch. Must be a remix. weird

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