this might be the only place i can get affirmative answers... in your opinion does nept, timbo all these guys lost relevancy

  • I mean to be quite honest... i am 30 years old... just turned 30 a few months ago.... but i used to be real good at skatboarding when i was like 15... i still have kids that are 15 that skate lookin up to me... n they always wanna hang out... them young cats man... they turn up to trap and grungy shit and cloudy shit but they not feelin nepts or tim or just blaze or any of these guys right now... i mean they do respect Pharrell he is bigger than his music but did the evolution of contemporary music really set down with these few last generations...
    The tempo of songs now is so crazy... its so codeine, benzo like... to be honest i used to hate trappy beats until 2 years ago when i tried lean... that's when i fuckin felt the music LOL... LOL i even fount respect for gucci.... n i used to hate him i mean he used just mumble words on slow beats...
    I don't know if any of yall feel like me... sorry if i spammed... just had to air this out and if u guys stick out here that means u still love the nepts sound n it did not change... the nepts still keep their original flair even with 2015 productions... this why i am asking ? Yall think nepts lost relevancy and do u think the future of music is these trappy turn up beats... i mean post malone this summer showed us something that ppl start to label soul trap... is rap really dead ? I see it in the youger kids... they prefer the turnt shit... they still find respect in rap but its not as relevant !

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