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    This'll be their thread from now on, so go ahead and post their tunes here.

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    This post is deleted!

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    Christian Rich - Future, Futuristic (15’)

  • This is Fire! Been bumping this since i heard it.

  • @Lboogie87 said:

    This is Fire! Been bumping this since i heard it.

    SAME HERE! Can't wait for the album.

  • Fuck im so into Compromise.. dopest shit!!

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    Third Studio album by them twins, pretty dope album!

    Christian Rich - FW14 (2015)
    01 - Yellow Moon feat. Aleali May
    02 - High feat. Vince Staples & Bia
    03 - Disappear feat. Jay Sean
    04 - Forever feat. Jack Davey
    05 - Bells feat. Niia
    06 - Real Love feat. Angela McCluskey
    07 - Fast Life feat. JMSN
    08 - Better To feat. DWNTWN & Now Faith Apostolic Church Children's Choir
    09 - Compromise feat. Sinead Harnett, GoldLink & Secaina Hudson
    10 - Face feat. Denitia & Sene
    11 - Seven
    12 - Glory feat. Akua
    13 - What More feat. Steve Arrington

    Total Size: 42.65MB

  • @Mika The link doesn't work. Also this is their 3rd album?

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    @Neonep sorry, meant to say third release, try now the link !

  • @Mika Thanks, what was their 1st release? I'm assuming the 2nd one was SS14.

  • Mika thank you soo much!!!

    Been waiting for this!!

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    Mika I deleted the link.

    Buy that album and support those guys.. Btw Taiwo (from Christian rich) is a member here.

  • I do understand why you have so many haters here Mavis.

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    😂😂😂 ha. I don't mind.
    cries inside

  • I just started to listen to this, first track i clicked on a random track called Seven, and its fucking dope. Looking forward to more of the same

  • This album is so good. So refreshing with all this generic shit that is released these days

  • that "FACE" track is fucking nice! Very eery but a straight chill track no doubt

  • did know this was out. Buying now

  • These two songs are INCREDIBLE!! I'm gonna hype the fuck outta these records! Chords are gorgeous!

    First Jay Sean record I actually fuck with lol

    This shit sounds so pure. Loving this.

  • For me this is aoty so far. Came out of nowhere

    I love the album cover too

    The second half of Compromise is so so dope. the Olive sample in face is so good

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