Gwen Stefani

  • I thought she was supposed to be releasing a new album. Has it been scratched?

  • @floridagator she's getting divorced!

  • LOL

    when I saw this in the Announcement section I figured it'd be an announcement of her getting divorced for some reason.

    But yea..Spark the Fire didn't end up being the hit they hoped, so they probably went back into the studio to make something that could actually catch on

  • i dont think spark the fire was gwen enough.

  • I think the motive of the divorce is Spark The Fire! That song is ugly! GAvin knows better lol

  • @Rafito said:

    I think the motive of the divorce is Spark The Fire! That song is ugly! GAvin knows better lol

    in what way is it ugly?

  • @VandG in a bad way, very bad way. like something is ugly and u dont want to look at it again. lol

  • That song is horrible man. It was such a sad attempt at a "fad" song, with the attempted catchphrase "HEY get off my cloud!" and the video full of quasi-emoji's. And the intro building up to such a weak beat. Goddamn, that song was retarded - in a bad way.

    I listened to it a couple of times, watched the video and never listened again. Worst Gwen/P collab ever.

  • They need to start fucking each other again so they can make some good music. :D

  • Spark the Fire was pure butt, she shouldn't release anything til this divorce clears up and they make much better tracks

  • Yeah! Divoce will bring some good as songs for her. But in No Doubt

  • Lol I Don't know what y'all talking about. spark the Fire is my Sh!t!!!

  • Staff

    YEAH ! TELL EM' !

  • Pharrell Williams, the prophet
    Stefani’s relationship with Pharrell goes back nearly 15 years, from when he teamed up with No Doubt on “Hella Good.” Her co-host on The Voice has been a frequent collaborator ever since, producing “Spark the Fire” as well. ”He’s all over my show,” Stefani says. “There are so many songs that we’ve done together. They’re not just songs, they’re huge moments. He’s probably my favorite person I’ve ever collaborated with because he’s very saintly, prophetlike. He has so much wisdom and so much positive energy and goodness, and he has a way of saying things where he really makes you think. So for me, he was definitely an angel sent to me to make me think. I love him.”


  • Dude, I heard Spark The Fire the day after they recorded it. It still was unreleased and un-mixed. P played it after an N.E.R.D show.

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