TYLER x ZAYN: Justified 2.0 ?

  • http://m.billboard.com/entry/view/id/136192


    👀 @BabyMilo

    (Sorry if the image doesn't show up, I'm trying to be cool and post from my iPhone )

  • i clicked this thread thinking there was some kind of news leaked by either justin or pharrell hinting at a new album but then i realized this thread has nothing to do with either artist :/

    i mean, i'm sure tyler can cook up some greatness for this one direction dude but.. justified 2.0? come on matic! u know that album is the holy grail for some people here! lol

  • I never down voted anything til now, thanks for the click bait

  • Lol, there was a question mark at the end !!-- I do apologize for the misleading post.

    Anyway, I still think it's interesting because it could totally be possible. I totally believe Tyler hears something in Zayn's voice. Maybe certain octaves or tones in his voice that he (Tyler) believes would sound dope over some great production. Dope progressions and changes.

    Clearly, justified 2.0 is a long shot -- but I believe with the proper talent being recognized by another great talent, anything can happen

    Remember, justin only met P due to Jay-Z introducing them to each other. Which created the Brittney Spears link, also.

    I'll up vote you guys who down voted me, btw. Totally deserved that. But mark my words, if something amazing comes out of this, yall niggas better come back to this thread and up my shit!

  • I think this could be cool, but yes that was some clickbait haha

  • Lol fuck it if it is click bait. Yall better come in and read and discuss!! Haha

  • I love Tyler and I'm sure He and Zayn could make some dope shit together, but how dare you!? Lol

  • Guys. Justified is my favorite RnB album ever. This man @BabyMilo blatantly tweeted Zayn saying he had some dope ideas and instrumentals . Maybe I'm the only one that doesn't think this is crazy lol. Did yall listen to Cherry Bomb or nah??

  • yeah I peeped that on Twitter and thought the same thing

  • i downvoted for fun! lol
    but Matic is right to do a topic about it! (i dont know about the title tho)
    this shit can be a sick ass colabo, man! I'm dying alreayd to see what will come up from this!

  • @matic_touch I don't think it's crazy at all! 👍🏼

  • i hope this workks out. nothing is as good as justified ever, but i hope one day to make something of my own that gives some kid that same feeling you know

  • @BabyMilo pls do!

  • @BabyMilo for sure. I used to ride the bus to school, not wanting to share my CD player because I had justin timberlake spinning. I'd always say "I'm listening to Justin Timberlake bro, you don't want no parts of this" whenever someone asked to listen to my shit. I didn't care tho, the love for that music outweighed the fact that I was listening to someone from a boy band.

    I believe you can do it g. There will never be another justified, but I definitely believe you guys could make something just as impactful.

  • I've been wanting to work on an r&b album with Justified as my reference point for a long time. That's one my favorite albums ever. Nothing compares. I know exactly what you mean @BabyMilo. I really hope this works out.

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