Do you think that Pharrell will release a new album this year?

  • I wondered because its long ago since he released Freedom. Till now it didnt really blew up. Do you have some Information?

    THX :)

  • I just assumed "Freedom" was something he did for Apple Music's launch. I know there was that translated article a few months back that mentioned another album on the way - but who knows how accurate that was. Maybe he was talking about how he did Snoop's album and something was lost in translation during the interview.

    I doubt they're going to even think of releasing another album until he gets another big single. Even with the huge push Freedom got on Apple Music (they practically shoved it down every user's throat) it still didn't catch with the public.

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    Freedom was too obvious. I like the song but the whole thing felt like an attempt to create another "happy" - especially the forced viral aspect "send me you freedom moments" on Instagram etc.

    I think the public can tell when something is authentic or not. So that's probably why it flopped.

    New album? I would love it but like playa said I don't think they'll do it until he has another hit...

    I feel like P has something big around the corner though. Not sure why, I just get that feeling.

  • @Mavis did it flop?

  • In some countries its doing good: Italy, France, Belgium, Netherland...... I mean it has 13.000.000 streams in Spotify. But in the most important markets it didnt catch on Usa .... For me its a great record with a deep message, maybe the most People dont understand the lyrics. And its very other in comparison to the other stuff in Radio.

    One reason for a new Album is the song Able he performed weeks ago

  • Hold another solo album, give me N.E.R.D or give me death

  • I think that releasing a single exclusively on a platform, whether on apple or any other service, can mess with the momentum of having something go viral.

    It took a few weeks for the freedom video to be uploaded onto youtube. Those without an apple device had to catch up with those with one. It interrupted the flow of viewership... and maybe even the potential success of the song.

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    we cant talk about the tune yet, it just released tho, wait for 2 weeks

  • When he was performing freedom at festivals he also performed another new track...forgot the name...but that signals a new body of solo music to me!!

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    ^ the song was called "able". But to me that sounds like a song from a soundtrack or something.

  • The lack of takeoff so far from Freedom is the biggest thing that's going to put the brakes on this. Similar to the Gwen Stefani situation, he might need to rethink overall approach. To be honest, given its length I always thought Able could have been released as a b-side to Freedom.

    However, Freedom plus the Puff song and 'Alright' have definitely helped him maintain a moderate level of exposure these past couple of months, so it's not all bad news

  • i found out that the Label cancelled the Radio adds for freedom in the USA

  • Yeah I figured this song wasn't catchy enough for the average radio listener.

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    Too bad, it worked well on stage.

  • radio hosts will only play what the people want to hear, and thats usually uptempo, non-lyrical nonsense these days which consists of Flo-rida, nicki minag or david fucking guetta !

    They don't care about meaningful lyrics, they want songs that bump (even though freedom is a catchy song) which is a shame...

  • Yea dude. The public is way to dumb to get complex lyrics like "first name is free, last name is dumb"

  • Lolololol playa.

    I agree with Mav. It didn't seem like an authentic organic situation. But I mean it's the nature of the business to milk a situation, at times. I'm so miffed by Pharrell and these mainstream singles, I loved his album, though. I know he has another number 1 with Diddy on the Urban Charts -- not too sure if we are going to see a N.E.R.D album anytime soon. Just a shell or ghost of the band's elements in future solo Pharrell Mainstream songs. I pray I'm wrong, though.

  • @René yes I was gonna say I feel like it's doing really good in Belgium!! and I even heard it on french tv shows..

  • OMG LOL. I think the NERD album will come first and then pharrell will release a new album ten years from now.

  • I call that "create another Happy" thing on the Freedom post. It was too obvious. Forced. Its very sad cause the song is really good with an awseome concept. But it was did to sell. To go viral. smh

    It took 5 to 8 months to Happy blow tho

  • NAh once the video for Happy dropped, floodgates opened and it was everywhere for the next 8 months.

    Freedom has been performed at major festivals and concerts, been a Apple Music flagship and has a video yet it still cant perform.

    It's a dud guys. Not hard to tell.

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