Slightly different: Mary J. Blige - Till The Morning (2nd Version)

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    Hey guys,

    while we wait for new Kenna I got one question 4 y'all especially Mika.
    Bouncing through the Neptunes-catalogue I remembered that I got a slightly different version of Mary J.'s Till The Morning with additional notes at the beginning of the song...

    now is that an advanced studio session-track or how can this be placed?


  • Staff

    I can't hear the difference?

    Kind of on the same topic, does anyone else remember in the lead up to the album it was originally "til the morning feat. Pharrell" then it got delayed and the new tracklist said "Til the morning feat. Usher".

    But by the time it was released I guess they decided to go with the solo version. I'd like to hear the version with P. Hope it leaks one day

  • Sounds the same to me. Maybe the mix on this one is a little different cause the strings sound louder to me in the beginning.

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    @Simon yeh buddy, thats the original version thats been on the Album,
    The one we've all got is an edited one cuz the intro wasnt perfect as you can hear :)

    Mary J. Blige - Till The Morning (07')

  • thanks Mikaa for clearing this up - meng, I should have known that YOU had your golden touch on this one ;)
    I guess that was one of the first tracks that has 4 equal notes / parts at the beginning - P's nowadays trademark it seems

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