Every Pharrell song starts the same

  • This isn't really news doe. I know it's kinda his mark and stuff but it bothers me sometimes because it doesn't add anything musically.

  • I've been thinking about this for a while too - since "Say Something" probably.
    I'm actually cool with this. It's far better than having the artist shout out "RedOne" or whatever.

    Other than that, I think it sounds cool too - it gives you a hint of what is about to come.
    I kind of get pumped up when I hear Happy on the radio, when I know it's about to play when it's counting in with that intro like that.

    Look at his Coachella gig, the little intros get people pumped up about what's about to come.
    I think it subconsciously does something with your "music muscle".

  • there are just as many/more neps songs without the 4 count intro.

  • Lol just shared this article, but i aint no new neptune fan broooo

  • @Chancho nooo bro i wasn't going there with you. i meant the people behind the article!!!

  • I usually ignore jabs at p and chad totally, but it's like the third time i've seen this same article being mentioned. idk i really hate that shit.

  • i was going to say the same. i believe it became more of a signature for pharrell to do the four count intro without chad. cuz they didn't do it a lot when they were producing together.

  • Are you fucking serious? I hate to be " that guy" but "news" like this is annoying as fuck.. I mean, where have they been??? I know P is huge now but The Neptunes have been mainstream producers for a decade.......

  • ha my brother just sent me the same thing http://blog.discopop.co.uk/2014/05/is-pharrell-williams-incapable-of.html

    who cares??

  • i dont understand what the big deal is but every producer has a signature sound so just let it be

  • they already know. Neptunes been doing the stutter start intro or whatever for years...bringing it up because P's success as of late

  • I read this on a music blog that IMO is trying to compare P and "So-Called-EDM" nowadays. I mean dude, it's just intro. Nothing sounds the same from P. They can't just say the intro all sounds the same and called it uncreative just because they are big blogs. That intro is Teddy Riley's kind of intro he did to his production. For mentioning that he's not creative just because of that intro, one must be ignorant

  • And they brought it up since Pharrell is everyday everytime everywhere. They just jealous. If you come up with that kind of soundcloud, there are like hundreds of his songs using that intro. Go have your research

  • Internet haters aren't even trying anymore, how is this news or proof of being a bad producer? I retire

  • WTF

  • And I hatee those people who know P for 3 months and say that he always does the same music aaaah what?

  • Staff

    smh this is gay. It's a count in and it's his signature... I know they've become a lot more prevalent lately without Chad, but even some old songs have it still. Also i saw someone write the exact same article last week :/ smh

  • There is a thing called selective focus. Some dude's opinion for attention doesnt fucking matter at all

  • Staff

    ^it does when it's being distributed to millions of people who will believe whatever they read.

  • Billions of people are idiots, so thats not really counting

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