Justified Sessions Appreciation

  • Man I was watching these again the other day, and it's just as magical as the first time I watched it. Everything is so organic and the way they bounced ideas off of each other is still incredible. P and Chad's chemistry was crazy, who could forget that scene where Chad finds the chords to the "lets take a ride" bridge, or when Chad starts showing Justin "Nothing Else" with Latrelle still on it. And my personal Favorite when P and Justin are going over the bridge for the scrapped song "second chance" which we all know later became the outdo to "Tape you" ....idk I just wanted to remind everybody how awesome that shit was.

  • yeah that chemistry between the neptunes and justin made this album a timeless classic one for me! I wish "second chance" made the cut on the album tho...

  • I was literally just thinking about this. My appreciation seems to change over time too.

  • Am I mistaken or is there also a segment where Chad sings 'Rainbow Connection' somewhere?
    Anyway, two favourite clips:

  • The making of Señorita too.. so ill

  • I wish this was my job...and I made a good living from it

  • Isn't there footage of them doing Last Night? Not the footage of Pharrell showing it to Justin for the first time. I have all the videos except for that one.

  • I remember when I purchased this when it first came out. 5 DVDs with just Justified 1-5 marked with a permanent marker on them from that random N'Sync site. I watch this at least 2 times a year because it's mindblowing to see the whole creation of that album. Even the Timbaland parts with him recording Hootenanny for Bubba's album in exchange for him on "Right For Me." There needs to be more indepth stuff like this. Jay-Z almost had it in Fade to Black.

  • CHAD's DAD! When I saw this topic all I wanted to coment about is Chad's Dad video! Its fucking hilarious!
    And I am crazy or Chad used to hit Tammy Lucas? lol

  • Man, I lost all these vids when my laptop got stolen last year :(

    So good. I always loved the section where they're writing Take It From Here.

  • them working on the bridges for rock your body & lets take a ride is the best.

  • These DVD's are insane, it was the Neptunes at their best, they really look like a family in these sessions...

    The Neptunes are geniuses it's unbelivable how much they are. Seeing Pharrell finding lyrics just like that coming from no where it's crazy.

    He has something special, he was born with that !

  • @rancido said:

    Seeing Pharrell finding lyrics just like that coming from no where it's crazy.

    He has something special, he was born with that !


  • I never heard this song since I don't really care for this dude but it's awesome that they sample Chad from these sessions. This song is sick.

  • Those Were The Days'' is so tight to me, i know there's some other justified sessions we may never hear that are soooo sick, kinda like the ''In Search of...'' sessions , like apparently there's a song with B-Real & a song called ''Love, Euphoria'' so many other things, the CDQ version of ''Locked Away'', there was a remix that leaked a few years ago I think & we may never hear any ''Instant Gratification'' album songs besides ''Soldier'' too.

  • Came out 13 years ago today!


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    @MHousel52 said:

    Came out 13 years ago today!


    my top 3 neptunes beats

  • I love this album so much. Favorite album ever. It's just so majestic, man.

  • I always watch those dance scenes in the Like I love you video, like in the Gif
    especially at the end doing the old school dances ahaha

    hard to believe i was 10 yrs. old 13 yrs ago
    fuck Im getting old

  • i was raised on this album, i remember spending hours learning clipse's verse to like i love u off by heart.

  • Weirdly, aside from Cry Me A River (which would make my top 5 songs of all time) I'm not a massive fan of the Timbo tracks on this album.

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