Mike E. - Master Plan (2000)

  • anyone have this album produced by the neptunes in the teddy riley era ? i just discover the single on youtube it's dope

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    Mike E. - Master Plan (2000)
    01 - Master Plan (Teddy Riley)
    02 - Look In The Water feat. Hooks (Pharrell Williams, Teddy Riley)
    03 - No Doubt (The Neptunes)
    04 - Don't Change Your Mind (Teddy Riley)
    05 - Episode feat. Queen Pen (Teddy Riley)
    06 - What Can I Do (The Neptunes)
    07 - Say The Word (The Neptunes)
    08 - More & More (The Neptunes)
    09 - Stay Home (The Neptunes)
    10 - Before We Get Too Close feat. Knowledge The Pirate & Queen Pen (The Neptunes)
    11 - Circles (The Neptunes)
    12 - One More Chance (Ben Garrison)
    13 - Nubian Queen (Ben Garrison)

    Total Size: 76.83MB

  • @Mika damn thank you

  • Cheers Mika!
    Masterplan is very Janet Jackson/Blackstreet - I get so lonely ...

  • Can Somebody Please Repost This Album zip So I Can Download It

  • Fuck this homophobic bitchass 😡😡😡😡


  • Was about to download this till I saw the homophobic rant on his IG...Man fuck this guy.

    Operating under the guise of Godliness and "righteousness" to spew toxic and harmful views is disgusting.

    Not downloading anymore.

  • Dude started to get aggressive with @Mika on the YouTube vid comments 🤣 (Incidentally the only comments for the video....)

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  • i just read his instagram, hes obsessed ( funny that the drum pattern is a staple in black 60s music, when you put in perspective what the topic and time that the movie is placed in, making a song that emulates that sort of music for a soundtrack isnt left field) but man, not to offened anyone on here but he is a main reason why when i was younger i was so against the christian religion. growing up they were the most judgmental and hateful people, justifying any sort of hate or discrimination towards people with that book man. which im not sure if they actually believe it or was just raised into thinking it but .....thats not the subject. its just crazy how he spewing so much crazy stuff and then says its the way of 'the lord' . rolls eyes

  • with that said any good shit on this album?

  • More & More
    Don't Change Your Mind
    Before We Get Too Close

    the others are kinda cool but these the ones.

  • all these mofos have problems with P and then drive themelves head first into hardcore Christianity lmao

    It's the funniest shit ever

    The church owes P some money 💰. He's sending dudes their way on the regular

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