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  • I've never bought anything from the store but it looks like everything has gone down considerably. I find this really interesting. In any case, looks like it's the time to buy lol

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    Yeah new business model. They're trying to go mass market with the Tee's and hoodies and stuff.

    I've also noticed a lot of the more expensive BBC items have been really fashionable and on trend lately too. (I mean the design, fabrics, fits etc). It Seems like they're re-positioning themselves.

  • I got a glow clock tee and the tan hat

  • that's because them clothes are no longer made in japan like BAPE

  • That, and Pharrell should realize the people that our fans of him come from communities he grew up in, so shouldnt charge an arm and leg to get some clothes

  • it's a bad idea i think if everybody can buy some BBC or IC they will lose the hype but i understand

  • Yeah just like dude above said they haven't been making them in Japan like they used to, quality has kind of dropped.

  • ice_cream-RUNNING_DOG_BUCKET_HAT-white-1.jpg
    I've look out for this bucket hat for years damn the same P wears in That Girl video

  • I heard Thin Heir Co. and the company that made Bape in Japan (which very well could be the same) facilities got messed up when those tsunami's happened. Anyway, have you guys seen the new boutiques. Apparently, Ice Cream boutiques are coming back but with Adidas Stan Smith. Which makes since because after all the OG boutiques do look like Adidas shell toes. Also, I can't even front… Those Dollars and Diamonds socks, underwear, and pillows I long for so much. So, not all of the new stuff is bad, there are still a few gems.

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