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  • can we just talk about how like godly this show is? Like favourite skits, performances etc.

  • Apparently, Pharrell & andre 3000 were supposed to be the guest on the Kneehigh park instead of q-tip, either one of them would have been sooo sick but Q-Tip & Snoop in that episode was so epic to me.

  • too many great skits to think of. the charlie murphy true hollywood stories were good.. everyone talks about the rick james one but i think the prince one is equally as funny if not funnier.

  • So many to think of, the first one that comes to mind is the Racial Draft sketch, especially at a time like now

    and of course I cant forget the plater haters ball

  • @imleeroygreen Racial draft was so funny, Player hater's ball as well. The "trading spouses" skit as well Lmao.

  • Man! I got the dvds of the show! I am brazilian, so, if it wasnt for Star Trak Music forum I'll probably only know about Chappelle Show in 2010 lol.
    I remember that someone did a topic about the 2Pac new song on the club sketch (with Questlove). And that shit made me the fan I am today!

  • I used to watch this religiously when it was on the air. The day before the season 1 premier I remember catching his interview on Oprah before practice and he played a snippet of the 'Mitsubishi Dancing girl commercial" & I was hooked.

    The Worlds Greatest War (Gang Wars) with Dave's accent always cracks me up. His Diddy & Farnsworth Bentley.. Hilarious. The all time best skit has to be the Clayton Bigsby one. That punchline at the end is priceless!

  • This post is deleted!

  • i've always wanted a "wrap it up" machine and still do

  • classic show
    the real world skit gets me every time
    "Correction I had sex with katie" is one of my phrases to this day

  • What sucks is that I grew up, without ever being able to watch this show, so I will never understand.

  • this performance was so crazy

  • this as well!

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