Pharrell's Quarterly (#IAO04) (SPOILERS)

  • @aronlevinson "Got a look in @Pharrell @Quarterly fourth box today. Fans are going to be #happy."




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    @MHousel52 thanks molly !

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    Cool - When's this being sent? And why is it called quarterly? The last time i got one of these was 6 months ago.

  • @MHousel52 said:

    @aronlevinson "Got a look in @Pharrell @Quarterly fourth box today. Fans are going to be #happy."




    Awesome! Still waiting for mine. Takes so long to reach Australia.

  • @Mavis tell me about it...I subscribed to another one, and received one in Nov and the second in May

  • The last box was based on "Happy" too. Looking forward to this one though!

  • May 23: @Quarterly Dates extended due 2 high demand! Only a few days left 2 subscribe @Pharrell & @Mizzfit_Bianca & @seanbonner boxes!

  • Just got the invoice receipt for #IAO04


  • You find a picture of the IAO04 set on the Quarterly website:

  • what?? I haven't even gotten a shipment notice yet

  • now this is definately worth the $50! (the pic is the background pic on the site) Quarterly_IA004_01.jpg

    I wonder whats in the locket....

  • Hell yea, Im gettin a kite!!

    Ima fly that bitch alll day

  • @ashersmonet said:

    I wonder whats in the locket....

    his semen probably

  • Anyone got the sheets from the I Am Other theme???

  • yeah i still want that sheet music!

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    Mine arrived yesterday but i haven't opened it yet... i didn't get charged for it either. YESSSS

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    Quarterly suck but i don't care if they keep sending me free stuff

  • So it seems these are still going! Next one due to ship in August. Initially nice surprise, because I thought there were only going to be 4. However, I also got an email a couple of days ago to inform me that the good folks at Quarterly were increasing their shipping charge by $40!!! No explanation was provided for it. Just a warning guys, if you don't want to pay this much for the packages going forward, do as I'm going to do and cancel the fak out of that shiz. Just hope I'm not too late. Had I, for example, received the last package and paid that much (the old charge plus $40 increase) I would have been pissed. No amount of kite flying could have made me happy. However, I've really enjoyed the packages overall, the mina kwon happy pin and 'happiness' poster, the mini 'perspective' chair have definitely been among the highlights, its been fun.

  • @superjdoug Yeah I've been subscribing since the first package, but I'm done too.
    It's just not worth it - the only thing I really liked were the handwritten notes in The Alchemist in the first package.

    I'm still trying to use up the fucking truffle salt.

    It would've been one thing if all they sent out was AWESOME exclusives - but most of the shit P's putting in the packages can be bought on the market, I mean if there's some cool shit I actually wanna buy.

  • @superjdoug whoa what about $40 shipping?!

  • How do you order this stuff or whatever?

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