• what will you be asking for christmas? what's on your list?
    I was thinkin' maybe some decent headphones or a pingpong-table

  • Ego death on vinyl
    Chappelle's Show DVD Boxset
    DOPE - DVD
    Idlewild - DVD
    Be Cool - DVD
    ATL - DVD
    Tame Impala - Currents
    Another N.E.R.D tee (maybe?) ( I only have the flock dog one)

    • its october, so imma probably see something in a store that im gonna want that I have no idea I wanted now.

  • Admin

    Don't really celebrate x-mas or holidays but I'm looking forward to getting my nephew a Lego Mindstorms set. He's been hanging out with me a lot and watching me work and he's really wowed out by robotics, he's got a bit of an engineering bug, and I want to capitalize on that. The Lego Mindstorms kit is right up his ally, he can do simple bayesian programming for simple motor functions, and still have a ton of fun.

    Other than that I'm really pumped for Fallout 4, been waiting for that all year so that's less than a month away. Ole Mari's gonna be dead to the world the week it comes out.

  • @Mari those are so cool. We offer classes on those at my job.

  • Don't really want much. I've been itching to get a Korg Triton Extreme though. Possibly a PS4 too. Those are things that I'll probably end up buying myself anyway.

  • don't wanna make this into a game thread but: anyone excited for star wars battlefront?
    also I wish those hoverboard/segway things weren't so damn expensive

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    @Spaceman no kidding?! That's freaking rad dude. What kind of classes? I was thinking about maybe piecing something together with arduino, but I fear that its a bit more advanced and might deter him from wanting to get into it.

  • I want a Bape shark varsity in Purple
    Official release date for a new N.E.R.D album
    And a record player

  • @Mari Basically we give the kids the Mindstorms kit and a laptop. They build it then they give it commands through the computer. It's pretty sick. It'll like pick up a balled up piece of paper and through it away.

  • Dude, honestly; I'm lucky if I even get a "Hi" or text on christmas.

  • i just need a N.E.R.D. album and a P rap album. A lot of BBC/IC/BAPE

  • I just want ya'll to be safe and love each other for real. Chill out with whoever you got and hold them close and let people know you love them. If you don't have anyone then now's the time to open your heart fam. Shout out to Jesus. Shout out to all the faiths. Get you some bands/racks too though if you can like don't get me wrong being rich is fun when you can spoil people you love, if not and you can't ball out this Christmas it's cool cuz it ain't about that for me but do you I support healthy self assured and secure flexin for pure joy.

    All I want for Christmas is a normal day with my family where I can play video games with the whole fam, maybe some connect four, and then just watch movies and eat and watch our dogs maybe get along this year. Probably not gonna happen on that last part.

  • @PJ-Koopchick BATTLEFRONT LOOKS LIKE A DREAM. I want to play that all day long and fly X-Wings around, pull out the snow speeder and down some Walkers. Reminds me of Rogue Squadron I loved that game.

  • dont celebrate anymore
    but i want to take advantage of a good ps4 bundle this holiday season

  • @Deo Damn, man; I could only dream of having some of that. This might be the second christmas and birthday I spend alone.

  • The MPC Touch if Akai puts out a video convincing me why its better than the Ren/Studio

  • @imleeroygreen im tryna get the advance 49 as well.

  • @Sideshow-Bob keep your head up and open your heart my dude. just keep positive, spread love, and eventually you'll attract people who do the same and get some genuinely good people around you. much love and success to you man. and really do your own thing if you want to go out and just treat yourself good on your birthday and spoil yourself do that! be the man! like sometimes i just go out alone, treat myself, not even hoping or expecting to meet people and i just have a good time man. value and love yourself bro.

  • @Deo Thanks, man. It really means a lot to me.

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