• Tickets for P in Paris sold out in like less than 3 minutes I swear ! I was there at 9:55am refreshing my browser like a maniac, when I got access, there xas nothing left. Fuck you world, I'm out !

  • Whaaat that's crazy!!! Come in Belgium hehe! Just bought a VIP ticket "Frontin' early entry package" ... can't wait!!!!

  • Ahah I might have to at this point. Gotta think this over.

  • Damn that sucks :(

  • @nerd0016 ouais merci, j'ai vu ça par hasard ! Et j'ai pu prendre 4 places du coup ! EZ1Homc.png

    @Hatz they added a date on october 15th, managed to buy tickets whew!

  • Just grabbed tickets for the show in Manchester, roll on September!

  • @busy get tickets fpr düsseldor/germany. Its not that far from your place.

  • @G said:

    @busy get tickets fpr düsseldor/germany. Its not that far from your place.

    Out of curiosity, where do you think I live @G ? Because Dusseldorf is in another country for me ahah.
    But thanks for looking out, I appreciate it bro !

  • @busy sweet! Good job 👏👏👏

  • To be honest.. Fuck this tour! It's to commercial. I'm glad for Pharrell that he has come to a point where he can do this, but I would rather see him at a club/theater than a huge stadium where I need to buy a stupid 'platinum' ticket for 200 euro's to get a good seat.

  • @busy I thought you lived in Paris

  • @G I do. It's a 4 hour trip by train to Dusseldorf. I'm better off going to Antwerp imo. Thank God they added another date in Paris though.

  • @busy yea off course, whatever is nearer... and damn that was the first time I heard this loud-ass sound when someone mentions you on here lol. nicely done mari. this is DIFFERENT.

  • @G Ahah yeah, caught me off guard too. Little details make this forum even better. Thanks gain Mari for putting so much work into this.

  • Can anyone tell me wearing each of these packages concert?
    Premium Golden Ticket
    Happy Hot Ticket
    Frontin Early Entry

  • its a show here in like 4 dats in LA and idk if im gonna even go. i dont want to here get lucky blured lines happy at all. i really wish i was able to go to concerts when i was younger just to get that outta my system, i know its NEVER gonna be another nerd tour with spymob wutever, but damn to hear it girl and gush like would be pretty sick

  • @BabyMilo Man you have to tell him we need "Gush" live!

  • I was feeling so shitty about missing out on the early nerd shows and kanye the other day.

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