What does everybody do for a living?

  • What does everybody do for a living?
    How did you get to the point where you are in life?
    Do you create art, music, etcetera?
    What gave you the inspiration?
    If you don't have an inspiration why do you do it?

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  • I'm an Audio/Visual Technician

    I went to school for audio, so thats how I got here

    I make music, thats my first passion, making beats will always be what I want

    The Neptunes and the album In Search Of along with MF DOOM, Moka Only, Jdilla, A Tribe Called Quest gave me most of my inspiration

  • Im 23yrs. old . Right now I'm in school for nursing (living with my parents), but I'm dropping out after this semester because I've always had a passion for music
    (i play instruments, sing, and am starting to make beats I posted one on soundcloud)
    so I'm gonna take a chance, and be happy instead of doing bullshit for the rest of my life

    (a lil backstory)
    I fell in love with the N.e.r.d in about middle school after downloading a song by mistake from that old file sharing site and that song was called Maybe, since then I was spazzing out about them and all found out about this site called the star trak forum but i never posted just lurked
    (I do remember someone saying that pharrells shirt was so tight that you could see his heartbeat LOL)
    and it either closed down or I stopped getting on (Forget which one) and I just found it in like 2010-2011 and it was called grindin'
    I started diving deeper and listening to Neptunes productions, and noticed that the song kelis get along with you was a song that i liked since i was like 6 and they produced it!
    I was mindblown so I started listening and loving them since.

    I do create music. Neptunes, Stevie W, Michael Jackson, Raphael Saadiq, n OF
    inspire me, the list is longer i could go on

  • Admin

    Mika 33 years old, from Serbia, Belgrade and I'm working for the newspaper company http://www.novosti.rs
    Skills: DJ/Blogging

  • 25
    currently freelance artist/producer/dj
    but i'm looking to going to school
    to become a designer

  • Staff

    I don't know what I do.

    PR & Marketing mainly. That's what pays the bills.

    I've been working behind the scenes in music a lot lately. It's crazy. But I don't make any money from that.

    I also have an art degree, i do illustration, make music, I do video production with people like Raleigh Ritchie, years & years, yuna etc, I'm designing a coffee shop in Amsterdam, I write scripts, I act as an advisor to a TV producer friend of mine and I just do all kinds of disjointed creative stuff.

    P & Alana's "New glasses" song is actually what made me decide not to follow a conventional path.

  • @Mavis I'd love to hear more about the coffee shop! That's my dream one day

  • Staff

    @MHousel52 said:

    @Mavis I'd love to hear more about the coffee shop! That's my dream one day

    Really? wow, what a cool dream. I was lucky enough to bump into someone in Malaysia this summer, he was looking to open a shop in NL and he liked my illustration, so i was hired to design the store. The most random circumstance ever.

    Where are you @MHousel52 ?

  • Thanks you to the people who contributed and if you just view it and are hesitant to put anything just do a quick sentence or put the name of
    what you do. Contribute if you can, it makes it more nice going on this grindin knowing what awesome jobs people do or there current situation.

  • @Mavis Boston. Unfortunately coffee shops are popping up left and right it here! But they're all the same and boring.

  • I've probably said it a few times before, but I'm constantly getting jealous of @Mavis and his jobs. And yea opening a coffee shop is something I've always wanted to do as well.

    Anyways, I'm a 29 year old that went to school for far too long and worked far too hard, and eventually became a heart specialist.

    I always wanted to go into the music industry somehow - I've been making shitty ass music since I was 13. But I got Indian parents...and you know how that shit goes. "Become a doctor, engineer, lawyer or you're dead to us!"

    Nowadays I chill and take it easy- My wife loves her job more than I love mine (thankfully) - so she ends up working 3-4 days a week and I work 2....take care of my daughter the rest of the days....but we both live comfortably working near half the hours normal society works....so I guess all that hard work KIND of paid off. But yea all that down time, I spend chasing my hobbies and playing sports.

    My goal in life is to never work too hard. Because life isn't for that.

  • Grindin' Cafe?

  • Man there's something so soothing and calming about sitting down in a really nice mom & pop cafe or coffee shop. The art on the wall. The ambience, the smell. The people. I've been to a handful of coffee shops in my life that made me wanna sit there until they closed. I

  • Thats just what coffee shops sell, the environment. Coffee shops sell coffee, but they really sell you the environment, think about it. The free Wi-fi, dim lights, the calming smell of coffee makes a comfortable environment, which makes you want to stay. And the longer you stay, the more chances you'll buy another coffee or something else on the menu = $$$

  • Jordan I'm 22, living in the UK. I work as Graphic Design & Digital Marketer, I'm working hard and perfecting this craft so I can branch out and do it on my own in future and work for myself.

    The first time I heard N.E.R.D I was in primary school I think I was about 9 or 10 and my older bro had the In Search Of CD where I fell in love with "Things Are Getting Better" and "Run To The Sun". I think where it truely clicked for me and my love for NER*D reached die hard levels was when I first heard "Sooner or Later" and the last part of that song. I always remember that moment jumping out my chair and going crazy for that guitar solo and the harmonies on that track.

    Ive only now started to learn bass as a hobby but I wish I started from a much younger age. I like Funk, everything Stevie W, Jazz/ my dad's old George Duke / Grover Washington Jr vinyls, Jazz Fusion etc.

    Future goals; just to be in a place where I'm working for myself and enjoying life by my own means.

  • Full time club/radio DJ in Las Vegas and throughout the North America. I never really planned to do this.. I always wanted to be a producer and make music since the 10th grade.

    I got in trouble in high school and was sent to stay with some family in next to nothing parts of Maryland but before I left my buddy made me a CD with some stuff I needed to check out which is where I found Tape You and some other unreleased NERD tracks which is where I made the connection that the guy in all the videos was actually 1/2 amazing producers. I spent the summer being inspired by them Eminem, Missy & Timbo.

    After graduating and failing at the work force I was miserable and knew people can't live their lives like this there had to be more so was trying to make a living with the only thing I was good at which was Djing and still trying to make beats. Eventually Djing took off so I've been working my ass off to make sure I never have to punch a time card again. That's been the biggest motivation in addition to my idol also pointing at the same, that there's another path.

  • Staff

    @MHousel52 said:

    @Mavis Boston. Unfortunately coffee shops are popping up left and right it here! But they're all the same and boring.

    Boston!? whoa for some reason i thought you were in France. What i've learned on this project is that to really make your coffee shop take off you just need to be authentic and have your own take on things. Like, kit it out exactly how you want. Don't play to the conventions of normal stores. Give people quality service and food/drink. Get inventive in your menu. Stuff like that. I guess since it's your passion you prob know waaaay more than me.

    Have you started working on it yet?

    @playahater i'm jealous of your job mayne. You save lives and make a difference. I'm not doing shit except having fun. Your thing sounds way more fulfilling

  • I wouldn't know how to answer the first question. I moved to LA 2 months after graduating High School. Knew people within the music industry. So, I figured why not take the chance and opportunity. I make beats (compose), draw, paint, and make graphics (mainly for myself). I take photos and film as well. I drew inspiration from a lot of things. For example when I saw @BabyMilo Yours Truly interview for Pitchfork. It made me think, "Damn, if this nigga can do it. I for damn sure can"! Or in the scene in the Ice Cream Vol. 1 video when P says, " You can only be free, when your mind no longer realizes boundaries. - That's when you're truly free". Then I started putting two and two together. I'm from Richmond, VA (1 Hour away from VA beach). My homie back home is learning to make beats as well and he's asian and I'm black. Out of all the races we both could've been we're those. It's crazy to me. But, it really inspiration. Then, I also remember when I came here to LA. Around my second week here I went to Fax and something told me to bring my music. I do it and head there. 3 mins later I run into @BabyMilo and he listened to my beat. Then stated, "Dude, you have a good ear bro. Trust me, stay here for a year and I promise you; You're gonna fucking make it bro". It's almost a year and no I haven't gotten to where I want to be yet, but I'm damn near close. What he said is honestly what's keeping me pushing. I really wish I could show you guys this music (or even had the balls to give you guys the private link to it), but it's not complete or perfect to me yet. I can't wait to share it with you guys.

  • @Mavis me and my best friend (who will be my partner) are in money saving mode right now. And I'm just following a million coffee places on Instagram, gathering ideas. I want to travel to some of the places and maybe chat with the owners.

    Nope not from France, but I'd love to go there and hangout in some coffee places. :)

  • I'm jealous too @Mavis. I'm trying to work hard until I get that work/life balance @Playahater has seemed to have figured out lol. @Sideshow-Bob just keep working at it bro, like you said yourself you can feel you're getting closer!

  • @Porter It's funny you say that. I was being told the same thing at a music management office today. I'm in the process of looking for a manager, because I finally need one know. I never was the type to want one, but you learn things over time haha.

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