What do you like.

  • What are your favorite brands. It can be for anything tea, candy, furniture , clothes, etc...


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    I don't know what that is, but it gave me anxiety:

  • Staff

    I don't think I have a favorite brand... But if you really want to know, I drink Lipton Ice Tea.

  • Staff

    Fav: Kirin ChuHi Extra Strong Zero - Grapefruit flavour <3

    It's a drink. I don't even know what it is but it's addictive and feels like you're on drugs.

  • I'm a sucker for Red Bull.

    Love the taste. I actually wish there was something that tasted like it but didn't have all the "energy" ingredients. I don't need all that energy.

    Oh and also Blood Orange San Pellegrino. Best shit ever. If anyone here's had the pleasure of drinking this orgasm in a can you'll probably agree.

  • peace tea
    Pink rice

  • Levi's, Comme des Garcons, Hermes, Nintendo, Apple, Porsche, Jean Paul Gaultier, Sony, Taschen, Criterion, Uniqlo, Clarks, Nike, Haribo... lol

  • BAPE, Supreme, BBC, Ice Cream, APC, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Star Wars, Neptunes and Timbo Sound

  • adidas
    comme de garcon
    fanta (orange fanta specifcally)
    little debbie
    embellish jeans
    asos - its like eurpoean H&M lowkey
    tommy hilfiger (hes racist i know but the shit is cool)
    the big cartel marketplace

  • Chrome Hearts, Stone Island, Tom Ford, Apple, Korg, Roland, Red Bull, Macallan, Glenfiddich :D, Water, Wine, Cherry Dr.Pepper, Nepchoons, Diplo, Kendrick, What So Not, Branchez, Milo Mills, Troy Boi the mofo, Disclosure, Kaytranada, Christian Rich, Carmack, Earth Wind And shyet they godlike) Scorsese, Cohen <movies, James Bond in Daniel Craig, Mark Wahlberg, early De niro, Mcconaughey that mofo, Lexus, Mercedes, Lambo, RR lol, Ducati Diavel, Kawasaki z1000 :D, Logic, FL, Weed (not too often tho!! :D), Porn.. damn theres so many.. i need em all analed hard as fuck :D, everything about M&A, IPO and all that wall street shiet, business, retail trade, etc, Chess, swisher sweets , backwoods honey-berry, cohiba cigars, parliament cigarettes.

  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
    Billionaire Boys Club / Ice Cream
    Harry Potter
    Fender Starcaster
    Grand Theft Auto

  • IKEZO peach flavoured sparkling jelly sake (definitely worth a try)
    Reece's white chocolate peanut butter cups minis
    MADE.COM furniture is nice
    Human Made t-shirts are the best (the quality is what dreams are made of)

  • Billionaire Boys Club / Ice Cream
    Bathing Ape
    The Internet | band
    Cartoon Network / Adult Swim
    Pixar movies
    Donnie Darko
    Drillbit Taylor
    Neptunes instrumentals
    1990's r&b bridges
    Grand Theft Auto
    Def Jam Fight For NY
    Tony Hawk: American Wasteland
    Hey Arnold
    Chappelle's Show re-runs
    Robot Unicorn Attack 2

  • BAPE (Old stuff)
    BBC/ICE CREAM (Season 0 - 12)
    Supreme (F/W 2012 and below)
    Arizona/Brisk (Hard to decide)
    I want my own custom furniture
    Bape furniture
    BBC/ICE CREAM furniture

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