• I personally miss their percussions and bongo's they used to use on their productions from '02-06.

    The stuff they did on Nas "The Flyest", Madonna's "Candyshop" and Teriyaki Boyz' "Tokyo Drift", Nelly "Flap Your Wings" or even Jay-Z's "I know" are just mindblowing. I really miss those bongo's and percussions man, they totally produce dopamine in my brain.

    In fact , I think all my favorite Neptunes productions have at least a bongo and percussion it. I guess we all know P is totally responsible for that. And thats really missing in P's latest production since his productions all went "100% digital" thanks to Logic (which sucks imo).

    Anyway Pharrell is still the greatest music producer on this planet. He is definitely one of the few people that can produce dopamine in my head and I still get this certain type of excitement when I see a new " Prod. by Pharrell" thread popping out in our beloved forum which is a undescribable feeling. Hell I even get an EARGASM when I hear the pre-count of the song (eventho I prolly get dissapointed after the 8th barr, lol).

    Anyways.. I decided to be a loyal Pharrell/Chad stan till I die though and I still have high hopes for Pharrell's future productions. I have a strong feeling he will retire soon with music tho.

    Anyway, sorry for my long talk. Back to the question:

    "What do you miss most about The Neptunes?"

    *crossing fingers

  • Honestly, I'm just happy that they continue to make music. I do miss the left fieldness though. I think "I'm Ya Dogg" was the last time that happened.

  • Staff

    Weird crazy sound.

  • the old school synth they use in Beautiful and a lot of hit in the 03 era

  • inb4 someone says Chad

  • i miss the live drum feel. and i miss pharrells' braggadocio raps.

  • Staff

    Effects & innovation

  • Elegant agressivity.
    More contradictions.
    Nowadays it´s too architected.Too expected with the exception of the "Presidential" intro with the 70s harmonics ("Alright"recycled this again),
    and Overdoz.

  • i miss the BOUNCE

  • Admin

    I miss how many neptunes tracks had a bit of a learning curve, it'd be so different that your ears hadn't warmed up to what was going on yet, but once it did man were you in for a treat.

  • the weirdness
    the chop stick bucket drums
    the bounce
    the not so obvious retro nod

  • The Hugo bridges

  • Bridges for sure.

  • Bridges,

    That Micro Korg

    Those hard hitting kick drums

  • phooom phooom, phoomm

  • Admin

    @Rafito said:

    phooom phooom, phoomm


  • I also miss the hardware that they'd use. Chad still uses some of it.

  • Kinda hard to choose what element exactly but i'd say how the beats we're mixed... really made certain elements standout when drew was with them.

    Off-topic but why is this song so underrated? it's crazy

  • the fucking drum patterns mannnnnnn. like they always have my head moving up and down like fuck. that 808 staccato shit. and the cool ass pads and synths they use. yea they were generic sounds but they sounds cool af the way they used em. super spacey and thin. neptunes production always gives the person on the beat enough room to do their thing but it has enough personality to make you notice whats goin on behind the artist. its perfect balance.

  • i miss the weirdness & how unique it is, we're missing that.

  • The studio sessions and the creativity in the beats...
    The only versatile beat I feel I've heard so far this year is probably 'Flying High' and 'R U A Freak' (hence they're my faves) - stop me if I'm chatting nonsense but I feel like these are the only tunes I've heard that isn't looped X amount of times and sound premium compared to others

    oh and bridges

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