The Celestics - Supreme Laziness (2014) (Kaytranada Brothers)

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    Allow me to introduce The Celestics, an emerging hip-hop duo out of **Montréal, Québec **consisting of brothers **Kevin **(Producer/DJ Kaytranada) and **Louis-Philippe **(Emcee Louie P) Celestin. **Supreme Laziness **is The Celestics' debut rap project, influenced in part by **Madlib **and MF Doom's classic **Madvillainy **album. Before **Kaytranada **there was Kaytradamus. Before **Kaytradamus **there was The Celestics. **The Celestics **have always shared close quarters. They have also shared a passion for art and music from a young age. By having a father who was an art and music enthusiast, there has always been a turntable, and large vinyl collection stacked nearby.The 15-track effort features guest appearances from GodLink, ST, Dudley Doo, **Nana Zen **and BC Kingdom, the production having been helmed by **Kaytranada **himself.

    Armed with a microphone, and a bootleg copy of FL Studio, **The Celestics **have had a large reception and support of their first two singles, “Charles Barkley” & “Kill” which can be found collecting hundred’s of thousands of plays online. Now, after a year of **Kaytranada **touring and spreading his own fan base world-wide, he’s back in the studio with his brother **Louis-Philippe **and they’ve been recording their debut project “Supreme Laziness”. Inspired by their nocturnal stay at home lifestyle, the project is set to drop this summer and put Montreal’s rising hip-hop duo on the map.

    **Kaytranada **is no stranger to production. Starting to produce in his early teens, and now at only 21 years of age, **Kaytranada **has the work ethic of a seasoned producer. His influences come from all sorts of genres; genres ranging between Disco, Hip-Hop, House, and R&B. As of the last year, he has made a name for himself through bootleg remixes from artists such as Janet Jackson, Missy Elliot, TLC, Danny Brown, and Teedra Moses. Combined, these remixes have received millions of plays on **Soundcloud **and YouTube.

    The Celestics - Supreme Laziness (2014)
    01 - Anthem (Kaytranada)
    02 - Old News (Kaytranada)
    03 - Charles Barkley (Kaytranada)
    04 - Arriba (Kaytranada)
    05 - Dudley Talkin' Shit (Skit)
    06 - Lazy Supremacy (Kaytranada)
    07 - Kill (Kaytranada)
    08 - Funeral feat. Goldlink (Kaytranada)
    09 - Indian Jibberish (Kaytranada)
    10 - Fuckit feat. Dudley Doo & Nana Zen (Kaytranada)
    11 - Improved Fluxo feat. Costa Joe (Kaytranada)
    12 - The One feat. ST (Kaytranada)
    13 - The Man (Kaytranada)
    14 - Dudley Talkin' Shit 2 (Skit)
    15 - Uptempo (Kaytranada)

    Total Size: 39.69MB

    The Celestics - Kill (2013) (Official Video)

    Directed by Christian "Crisis" Boakye-Agyeman.

  • Awesome music right there! Reppin Montreal since day 1

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