any advice for finding other artists to work with?

  • i literally have hundreds of beats that i'd love to make songs with ppl but theres maybe not enough like-minded artists in my area. where can i find some ppl to work with?

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    Or go to shows and meet people.

  • twitter, gmail, don't hesitate to send mail at artists you appreciate

  • I find Soundcloud to be the best too - do some exploring, dig a little deeper, and you'll find some awesome people to work with who are keen to collaborate as well. They might not all turn out, but if you've got the time, get a few going at one time and something will materialise

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    Also try asking people you know to link you with like minded individuals. For example, nearly 10 years back Mari (the same guy that runs this site) connected me with a bunch of great musicians who he somehow intuitively knew would be big one day (janelle, Durand, a couple others who didn't blow) and also knew would connect with our music. And we had fun making weird stuff for a few years. U heard that saying "birds of a feather flock together" ? It's true. Just look for people like you and it'll all work out naturally from there and you'll be able to effortlessly make stuff together.

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    PS miss you @mari

  • @Mavis @Skrung-Owt @superjdoug appreciate the input yall.

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