What are your top 2 Pharrell/Neptunes songs of the past 5 years?

  • Thought I'd spark up some discussion in this forum.

    With 2015 coming to a close pretty soon, I'm curious to see what you guys think are the 2 best Neptunes/Pharrell produced songs of the decade so far. I know this is gonna be tough, because it's tough as hell for me.

    And please don't name 3, 4, or 20. You gotta pick TWO songs that've come out between 2010 and now.

    I'm not just talking production wise...I mean the whole package (production, songwriting, vocals, mix everything). And say why.

    I think I'm gonna go with N.E.R.D. - Inside of Clouds and Frank Ocean - Sweet Life. Definitely the 2 songs I'd recommend to someone asking for a good new Neptunes/P tracks. I think both embody the exact reasons I started liking Neptunes songs in the first place. They're both so smooth, and nothing seems out of place. Both seem so organic and chill.

    It would be interesting to hear from you guys - especially the people on here who appreciate the club tracks they've put out - becauase I really didn't enjoy most of the club stuff they put out the last five years.

  • i still be rocking to "Can't Rely On You" and Maxine's version of "Hot Thing" not necessarily the two best, but def two of my favorites....

  • Snoop Dogg - California Roll and N.E.R.D. - Inside of Clouds

  • 'Inside of Clouds' and 'Run Away' off of BUSH

  • Presidential - Rick Ross
    Inevitable - Scissor Sisters

  • Burgundy & R U A Freak

  • Mayer Hawthorne - The Stars are Ours
    Gucci Mane - Haterade

    (... Perpetual Nights, Look Up, Objects in the Mirror, Wine Glass Woman, Good Gracious Abbey sorry it's impossible)

  • Rooting for My Baby

    ...actually Prettiest Girls is my favorite, it always cheers me up

  • Really Raw
    Feet to the fire



  • it's good kid and happy for me

  • Man, this is sooo hard, but I have to go with Good Gracious Abbey & R U A Freak.

    (Although Nuclear was cool, (especially the bridge), Trouble on my Mind, Rise Above, & The Stars are Ours were close for me too.)

  • Staff

    Um... Reach Out Richard for definite! P proved he could be a real producer on that song.

    And there's this song called Potholes de createurs un'iden (or something like that) that I love. It's super bad and really rough and unfinished but for some reason I'm addicted to it, especially the instrumental but. It's Chad sounding kind of like Hot Chip or Metronomy. But tbh i wouldn't say it was "good".

  • Lavish & Inside of Clouds

  • off to listen to Mayer Hawthorne and R U A Freak

  • @ImFromVA lavish is 2005 lol. Well mine is I knew that off bush which I really hope isn't performed at Tyler's carnival because I can't go so fuck Tyler and This City off Bush

  • sweet life
    stars are ours - I think his mayer stuff is some of his best work of last 5 years

  • Admin

    Last Kiss

  • Lmao dude said Lavish
    But yeah "inside of clouds" and "Good Gracious Abbey"

  • Suicide & Run Away...

  • wtf is Good Gracious Abbey?

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