Dornik- Dornik (THIS SHIT IS AMAZING) (2015)

  • Hey guys!

    Long time no post. I had to make a new account but I'm back! Anyway, I was on Spotify last night and I came across this artist named Dornik. Instantly fucked with his shit! His whole album is crazy!! I haven't seen anyone post about him so I figured I would introduce him. Peep some of his tracks below. Heavy neptunes/MJ/stevie influence on display here.

  • omg dude. i just downloaded his album last night! they actually played his record 'stand in your line' on i think episode 2 of othertone. his shit is amazing

  • @kidkardiac I remember hearing it! But i was too lazy to look up the artist. I can't believe I went months not hearing this art! That song "Chain Smoke" is INSANE.

  • Sounding good so far. Thanks for the recommendation

  • @S0nicNERD YES! i've had him, thundercat and towkio on repeat all morning.

  • He only has drive and shadow on Apple Music and they're really great songs but I wish there were more

  • love this tune

    I should get the whole album though, thanks for the reminder

  • @S0nicNERD damn. Indeed sick. Immediately downloaded his album. Definitely feel good music to play while you drivin. Thank you for the reference.


  • Heard this when it dropped.. It's so fire

  • Staff

    UK <3 <3

  • This is one of the many reasons why i love this forum. I never heard of this guy before in my life and now i'm jammin while doing bills. Good music makes everything awesome lol

  • @mr_novalike same!!!! I get so excited to share music on this forum cuz I KNOW you guys appreciate the same music I like. Music brings people together in amazing ways and this forum is just an instance of that. (Okay I'm done gushing over the forum) lol

  • Yup, I was hooked on this since Rebound in 2014.

  • Thanks for this! This is dope

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    He is super dope. Super talented. he kind of makes the same song 10 times. I wish he would switch it up a little. His MJ vibes are dope though.

  • SUPERB! I 'd rather have 10 tracks that sound the same but super crack that I can play all the way thru than 5 or 6 that r good and other the ones alright, for the sake of the "different" factor. This man needs to keep doing what he's doing. "Mountain" and "Shadows".... Oooooo!

  • @MHousel52 Yo listening to this song looking at your avatar makes me weak as shit. hahaha.

  • @Sideshow-Bob haha i hear ya

  • Found this on Soundcloud tonight. This remix to Drive is soooo dope. For anyone that hasn't checked out Dornik yet pleeeease give him a listen. He made my favorite album of 2015. Anyway, Peep the Drive remix below.

    Oh and before I forget, check out this track called "All Night" featuring Dornik. Dope song.

  • @S0nicNERD yeaaaaah I heard that first edit a minute ago. DORNIK's music is reallllly dope.

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