Latrelle New Music Gig

  • I was at the Stevie Wonder concert last night in Detroit (which was amazing) & I look to see that Latrelle is one of his backup singers. She got to do a solo song & group performance with his other backup singers.

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    Dope how was Stevie? Yeah latrelle been his singer for a year or so now. She's also been touring with Lionel Richie and Lauryn Hill too.

  • And of course Miz Munchie or whatever w/ Pharrell Rhea and the other " Bae's"

  • @Mavis Stevie was great! he played "Songs in the Key of Life" in its entirety. Then after that it became a greatest hits show. The concert was over 3hrs long lol

  • Yeah! Stevie is great live ! I saw him over here in the UK in 2012. Great live band, really gets audience involved. He also kept telling blind jokes lol. Jealous he's not done his Songs In the Key of Life tour over here that's his best album overall for me with Innervisions !

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