• Hell hath no fury dropped 9 years ago, my dad used to play this 24/7. I love it, what are u guys' fav tracks?

  • Ride Around Shining and Keys Open Doors. Revolutionary. Words don't describe the realms those songs are in sonically. CRAZY.

  • hello new world always really stuck with me
    love the beat and flows on it
    whole album is crazy dope though

  • Nightmares, Ain't Cha & Wamp Wamp

  • Staff

    "It's me ma, you ain't dreamin'."

  • Trill!!!

  • Hell Hath No Fury >>> Lord Willin'

  • didn't it leak like a week early? ionno why we care about the actual release dates of all these albums when we were downloading and listening to them before they dropped. i'm just glad this album actually came out. i was so worried we'd never hear it. I agree it's better than lord willin', but my all-time favorite clipse tracks are still on lord willin'.

  • still love every song on there cept trill. well i kinda love trill too just cause how awful it is

  • @axele are you crazy? Trill is an insane record. I was totaly confused and blown away when I first heard that record.

  • @axele what? trill is crazy, its so different

  • Dude needs his account suspended or deleted for calling Trill awful. Buggin'

  • LMAO i legit don't like that shit bruh. the production sounds so unfocused compared to the rest of the album's stripped down sound imo

  • Keys Open Doors is one of the best hip hop songs ever made in my opinion. That beat is haunting - and the verses have so much anger and raw emotion in them. Not necessarily what they're saying - but how they're saying it.

    Honestly though the album took me a few listens to get used to. I remember a lot of the ST forum wasn't too impressed at first. We all wanted Lord Willin' 2 and these beats were so dark and dungeony they slapped us all in the face by surprise. Now i think Hello New World is one of the best rap beats in the Neptunes catalogue.

    And Trill literally sounds like P sat on the keyboard and pressed record. Literally just sat on it.

  • Best songs are New World, Ridin Around Shinin, & Chinese New Year.

  • Trill is so fucking crazy man. I also admire Q-Tip for specifically mentioning trill on OTHERtone and Pharrell saying he hadn't heard it in 10 years. So crazy dude....

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