Timbaland - King Stays King (2015)

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    Here it is, as promised Timbaland's Mixtape titled 'King Stays King', with a New (Old) Aaliyah track and many more, check it out below and please let me know what you think of this project

    Timbaland - King Stays King (2015)
    Timbaland - 01 - Get No Betta Mila J (Kaui, Timbaland)
    Timbaland - 02 - Shakin' feat. Aaliyah & Strado (Timbaland, Strado)
    Timbaland - 03 - Dem Jeans feat. Migos (Milli, Timbaland)
    Timbaland - 04 - Frenemies feat. Sy Ari Da Kid & Tink (Fade Majah, Timbaland)
    Timbaland - 05 - Tables feat. Obsessed & Tink (Fade Majah, Timbaland)
    Timbaland - 06 - Servin' feat. Blaze & Tweezie (Milli, Timbaland)
    Timbaland - 07 - Didn't Do It feat. Young Thug (Milli, Timbaland)
    Timbaland - 08 - Callin' & Callinn' feat. Young Crazy & Breeze Barker (Milli, Timbaland)
    Timbaland - 09 - Where You At feat. Blaze Serving (Milli, Timbaland)
    Timbaland - 10 - Shawty feat. Rich Homie Quan (Milli, Timbaland)
    Timbaland - 11 - This Me, Fuck It feat. 2 Chainz (Milli, Timbaland)
    Timbaland - 12 - All I See Is You feat. Sequence (Timbaland)
    Timbaland - 13 - Drama Queen feat. Tink (Milli, Timbaland)
    Timbaland - 14 - Go Ahead (Boo Boo Kitty) feat. Wedding Crashers, Goldy & Cynthia (Milli)
    Timbaland - 15 - Drug Dealer feat. Rico Richie (Milli)
    Timbaland - 16 - You Held It Down feat. Bankroll & Obsessed (Milli)
    Timbaland - 17 - On My Way feat. Meechie (Timbaland)


  • Admin

    thats a freaking joke, a 1/5, the only tune that sounds a bit like timbo is 'Drama Queen'

  • the aaliyah track is sick as fuck!!!! brought be right back to 2001 lads!

  • Im actually a bit dissapointed especially since this is coming from Timbo. I expected so much more, especially since he been droppin mad beats on his Instagram for a whole year and none of it has floated on the net (so ofc I expected that some would make it on this tape, but NO didnt happen), instead we get beats that doesnt sound like Timbo lol.

    Snoop is rite though, this "Future style of rappin" sucks big time.

    That "Didn't do it" beat is addictive tho. Still have my hopes up for February. I need that Tink x JT tune !

  • @lord_willin whats coming out in february mate? tinks album?

  • Timbo's Textbook album bruh.

    According to the thetimbalandpassion.blogspot.com blog of Mika.

  • Disappointed. I don't hate the sound, but it's a shame Timbo puts his name on this.

  • I hate the stuff he has been doing with Milli. None of it holds a candle to Danja/Tim, J Roc/Tim, Scott Storch/Tim, Hannon/Tim and just solo Tim.

  • Just listened through - I actually really liked the first track (Get No Betta) but things went rapidly downhill after 5 tracks in. Agree with you @mika most of the tracks are 1 star (generous). Listened to each track without seeing the production list to avoid bias - but looking back basically 1-starred all but one of the Milli produced tracks. His production isn't even good for that type of music. The Aaliyah track is abysmal imo - Tim's rapping and this Strado guy destroy what could have been a nice track (but it was more than that, the production is a bit lacklustre as well). Got me wondering why I even check for Timbaland any more

  • On a side note, I remember someone mentioning about some extended versions of Bubba Sparxxx deliverance tracks - does anyone have those?

  • @superjdoug I'll try to do it when I get on my home computer unless somebody beats me to it. "Nowhere" turns into a mashup with "Cry Me a River" and "Comin Round" does the same with "Work It"

  • @bigmac2098 thanks a lot

  • Pharrell, somewhere, must either be laughing or downright disappointed. This is weak timbo!

  • Timbaland talks too much on social media. Such an unprofessional fella.

  • Staff

    I'm late on commenting but i just wanted to say the Aaliyah track is decent. Even though Strado didn't need to be on it, and Timbo didn't need the autotune. To me it showed that tim is still creative and a decent producer. That weird pitch up thing that happens occasionally in the beat caught my attention, i found it pretty cool that Tim still tries out weird stuff.

  • I do like that he works with a lot of up and coming producers. It would be cool to see pharrell do that

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