• GRINDERS i've been posting music in our forums since the beats sections in those startrak forum days!! and over the years i've been perfecting my craft working with a bunch of artists. But this week i released my first project THE DiSTRiBUTiON of ENERGY via soundcloud and i would very much like to hear what your talented ears think about the 7 track instrumental...hope y'all enjoyed this festive period and i look forward to a happy new year hearing the sounds that this wonderful forum supplies!! much love everybody

  • Sick!! All the tracks are done extremely well! Love this man..

  • yeah u got skills mate!

  • Admin

    great Intro buddy, I like LOOKING UP THE STARS

  • @lord_willin wow thank you sir!! I'm glad you are liking the sounds...much appreiciated !!
    @KevinMorow thank you too mayyyyne...thanks for taking time out to listen.
    @Mika mika thanks for listening bro!! i'm glad you enjoyed the intro because out of every track on the ep that is the one that is more my sound! looking up at the stars seems to be an all round favourite thus far! so its useful to get that feedback!!


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