David Bowie has passed away

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    Apparently not many people were aware of his battle with cancer.

    RIP Mr.Bowie


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    wtf, im just listenin to him fuckin hell, rest in peace :(

  • Yeah I was listening to him yesterday and just downloaded his latest album this morning before I heard. Really glad he got to put Blackstar out now.
    I knew it'd be cancer. It's always cancer. Fuck cancer.

  • We have this huge exhibition of him in my hometown right now... Bowie has been everywhere throughout the city the last month because of it. In the first week there were bands everywhere playing David Bowie covers. May he rest in peace

  • this was a shock

  • I loved some of Bowie's music and i'm grateful for all he did directly and indirectly to inspire and entertain. I heard someone say today,
    the people who have the biggest impact upon our lives are the people we wish we could dare to be.

  • Huge shock, was just listening to the new album a couple of days ago. An icon in so many senses, he had an air of immortality about him :( R.I.P. My dad is a huge fan, so some of his early 80s stuff obviously had an impact on me growing up. 'Let's dance' is GOAT

  • @superjdoug ^^Agreed Lets dance is my shit
    R.i.p. to a legend

  • We can beat them, forever and ever
    Oh we can be heroes, just for one day.

    May he rest in peace.

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