Guys, What Unreleased Neptunes Track Would Yall Like To Get Your Hands On?

  • @Mavis oh right ok, my bad, thanks mate!

  • That Jay Z x Chris Brown song produced by P from the Blue Magic sessions

  • I want to hear some of the Game stuff that they worked on with The Red album. We were supposed to get a full neptunes album that year, even though I'm sure most of it sucked. The Asher Roth tracks that never saw the light of day. And of course the Instant Gratification album. There's way too many unreleased tracks that I would love to hear for me to list them all

  • Most of the game stuff (if not all) came out on his California Republic mixtape and the Purp&Patron mixtape.

  • Everything by Famlay, Roscoe P and anything else that might have not been released during the Star Trak days. Whatever they did with Incubus, the supposed track with Lupe Fiasco and Krayzie Bone, Instant Gratification and any other NERD, proper versions of Ghost by Styles P and Hopping Over Fences, the Skrung Owt remix, basically every full version of snippets (Gucci Mane, Lil Scrappy, TI, Chris Brown, etc) Whatever didn't make it on Fabolous album Street Dreams because they were too "singy." Who am I kidding? I want every single thing that wasn't released.

  • the band shit
    digital fly or die
    the diddy shit
    the shit chad did when he was out west workin on that rapper album

  • @VandG said:

    digital fly or die

    Wait...that's a thing?

  • I would say :

    • Pharrell - Ring My Bell full demo (and other demos from Candy Shop)
    • Brandy Save the Babies
    • Pharrell U Got Me Full

    That's all I have in my mind right now...

  • "I need you" chris brown demo. ( Dont tell mention the Latrelle version.....I know)
    This would almost definitely be in my top 5 neps of all time if released.

    -Ring my bell Pharrell demo.

    -That beat for Diddy

    ANYTHING and i mean anything from the late 90's. That latrelle joint " I want you" was the best neptunes shit dropped in years. Even that "turn out the lights" track by Tammy was so so dope, just a shame the quality was awful

  • Instant Gratification (Especially seeing some of these live during the Blueprint 3 Tour personally)
    All Slim Thug Studio Sessions
    Cassie - Hide
    All Britney Spears Studio Sessions
    All Janet Jackson Studio Sessions
    All Vanessa Vasquez Studio Sessions
    All Natasha Ramos Studio Sessions
    All Roscoe P Goldchain Studio Sessions

    Any of these would make my life complete

  • @jrcd30000 said:

    ANYTHING and i mean anything from the late 90's

    THIS. So much this.

  • I think P went in the studio with Corrine Bailey Rae a while back, Im super curious to hear the outcome of that one

  • I remember seeing quadron in the studio with P. I want to hear what came out of that so bad.

    And most of all....hide. 😥

  • Hide, the quadron session, and Corinne Bailey Rae oh and Skippin School

  • That AUSTIN BROWN session!!
    I am 100% sure that the records made in these sessions are absolute discobangers. I really wanna hear these.

  • Fam-lay traintogo album in full (especially full version of This Is Livin'). I would trade 100 Hides for this.

  • Staff

    @Rafael-Arana said:

    Hide, the quadron session, and Corinne Bailey Rae oh and Skippin School

    Quadron did an interview where they said the stuff with Pharrell wasn't up to their standards.

  • @Mavis haha what a bunch of knobheads!

  • Is Quadron still active? I seriously forgot all about them?

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