Timbaland Reveals Pharrell Is His Cousin At 'The Cruz Show'

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    Timbaland visited The Cruz Show to promote his new Mixtape and his new artists where he also revealed that Pharrell Williams is indeed his cousin because of Pharrell’s Grandma, check out the video at 6:24 below.

    0_1455345960764_Pharrell & TImbaland fdsdfs.jpg
    0_1455345966546_Pharrell & Timbaland 3464.jpg
    0_1455345971677_Pharrell & Timbaland e434.jpg

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    I don't think he meant it literally. He says "like family". Btw lmaoooo that Timbaland believes he looks 19. 🙊🙊🙊

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    This post is deleted!

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    thats what I thought too all these years but check out the video at 6:24

  • Totally see the resemblance

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    Yeah I watched it. Still don't think he meant literally, she cut him off before he could explain the grandma thing (and also grandmas don't make you cousins).

  • what was that beat about, lmaooo

  • I believe it he said because his grandma that's crazy star trak

  • Tim literally says: 'because HIS grandmother...' not even implying he's related to that perticular grandmother

  • He could mean it in a friendly way, cause I call my best friends my cousins all the time lol.
    Friends are like fam, where Im at
    But if they really, really are related I could see the resemblance, they look alike in some of those pics

  • Tim has said some crazy shit over the years so I don't know what to make of this.
    Weird that neither Tim or Pharrell has said anything about this the past 15+ years they've been hot.

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