• Not sure why I haven't posted this earlier, but this is a mix series I did a while back and i just put out part 2 today. hope you enjoy.



    pharrell – the world of redbull
    lupe fiasco – beamin’ (instrumental)
    pusha t – suicide ft. ab-liva
    gwen stefani – breakin’ up
    mase – lookin’ at me ft. p. diddy
    kelis – young, fresh & new (instrumental)
    fabolous – tit 4 tat
    ll cool j – you should (instrumental)
    faith evans – going out ft. pusha t
    ludacris – southern hospitality (remix)
    snoop dogg – from the chuuch to the palace (instrumental)
    n.o.r.e. – nothin’ (instrumental)
    clipse – ma i don’t love her (instrumental)
    kelis – good stuff (instrumental)
    mystikal – danger (instrumental)
    faith evans – burnin’ up (instrumental)
    ray j – formal invite ft. pharrell
    justin timberlake – senorita
    jay-z – give it to me (instrumental)
    SBI – big white spaceship
    clipse – blaze of glory ft. ab-liva
    clipse – mr. me too
    kelis – get along with you
    nerd – in search of (digital version intro)
    erd – the way she dances
    madonna – the beat goes on ft. kanye
    jadakiss – knock yourself out
    nerd – provider
    alana davis – here inside
    erd – lazergun carrying
    ol’ dirty bastard – recognize (instrumental)
    justin timberlake – rock your body
    busta rhymes – what it is
    pharrell – frontin ft. jay-z
    limp bizkit – n 2 gether now (neptunes remix ft. method man)
    kendrick lamar – good kid, mad city
    pusha t – trouble on my mind (instrumental)
    fam-lay – skrung owt
    kelis – rolling through the hood
    justin timberlake – let’s take a ride
    kelis – popular thug (instrumental)
    clipse – hot damn (instrumental)
    birdman – what happened to that boy ft. clipse
    bow wow – take ya home
    snoop dogg – let’s get blown
    pharrell – number one ft. kanye west
    mariah carey – say somethin’ (instrumental)
    britney spears – slave 4 u
    babyface – stressed out
    omarion – obsession
    yuna – live your life

  • This is dope.

    Soundtracking my room tidying perfectly.


  • @essntl never heard the world of redbull instrumental. Nice work!

  • Admin

    @_jmatias yeh that Instrumental is my edit

  • @Mika that makes even more sense! good shit

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