Justin Timberlake - Man Of The Woods (2018)

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    @ECHLN I’m glad it’s selling well. Keeps hope alive for another album with the tunes

  • @Mavis clearly no one cared about the poor reviews and that's a good thing. I'm sure no one really read them.

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    Well, someone here gonna LOVE this album now.

  • It’s Justin Timberlake
    Of course he’s gonna sell well. People are gonna buy his stuff/stream it out of curiosity regardless. Just because of the hype behind his name.

    That being said the album is still garbage tho.

  • It’s a stretch to turn under 250k into a win on the back of a Super Bowl performance, having the biggest song of last year and his last album selling 950k out the gate.....

    Taylor did 1.2M first week so it’s not as if Pop superstars are trending downwards. Critical reception definitely played a factor here.

  • @3000 preach

  • @Playahater You spend 20 bucks out of curiousity?......When you can hear it free on spotify....!? You must be rich.

  • @René I do ok

  • The album is far from garbage. Think some people on here where expecting a Justified part 2 or something 😂
    When artists mature so does there music, I'm glad it's not just another pop album just to make sales. Like most of the shit on radio these days.

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    Chad outfit 😌

  • After letting this digest for a couple of weeks, I think it’s a really enjoyable project overall.

    Favourite track is Livin off the land - a really impactful piece of music imo - the 808s give it this pumping rhythm that adds an intensity to it (I find myself bumping my head for the entire thing) & the synths that build up, the vocal melody and harmonies on the chorus - idc if the lyrics are corny, this is a sick piece of music and one of my favourites from P & Chad in the past few years. It’s ‘The Boat’ of this album and pretty much confirms what I thought about the Little Big Town project - I liked the production but hated (HATED) the vocals. After MOTW I’m pretty sure I’d like most of those songs a lot more if they’d been sung by Justin

    Other thoughts:

    I hope MSJ blows up this summer because it deserves to.

    MOTW gives me major Lion King vibes (I’m sure there’s a similar vocal melody somewhere in there to ‘I just can’t wait to be king’ - & when he uses the word Pride, there’s a pretty clear link - I’m sure Lion King was the inspiration for this). I really love the bridge, the little synth elements are magical 😩

    Higher, Higher is probably my second best on here - & Supplies rounds out my top 5. Initially completely put off by the video (especially the part where Justin does that fucking terrible dance down that street - whipping his hand 🤦🏻‍♂️ - why JT...) - but it grew on me fast (I will say, I’ve hated the visuals for this album - funny how the same happened with the NERD album, but in both cases I really liked the music...)

    I really don’t get get the obsession with Wave at the minute. To me it’s kind of a sped up version of Cris Cab’s ‘One Thing’ for the most part (I did love that song at the time) or a development on the sound of Yuna’s ‘Bad Idea’ - but even though the production is much crisper here, both those songs had more charm imo. Idk it’s nice but just doesn’t stand out to me as yet. Hoping this is one that’ll grow on me for Summer?

    I’m not crazy about Breeze yet either - but I will say I do love the general vibe of the Montana > Breeze > Livin segment

    & did anyone spot that the rising synth progression in Breeze (most audible at around 3:28-3:30) is really similar to the one at the end of It Blows My Mind with Snoop? Love these little throwback Easter eggs..

  • @superjdoug said in Justin Timberlake - Man Of The Woods (2018) (February 2):

    & did anyone spot that the rising synth progression in Breeze (most audible at around 3:28-3:30) is really similar to the one at the end of It Blows My Mind with Snoop? Love these little throwback Easter eggs..

    That Chad touch!

  • did i just read that fs/ls was repetitive production wise? lol

    album is still dope to me, save for a few tracks and supplies really grew on me.

    i need somebody to hook me up with the instrumental though

  • So midnight summer jam is the next single?

  • the neptunes tracks on MOTW are brilliant!!

    im out!!

  • Higher, Higher better be on the set list for this current tour because that song is going to be magical live.

  • Midnight Summer Jam / Say Something (feat. Chris Stapleton) [Live at the BRITs]


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