Justin Timberlake - Man Of The Woods (2018)

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    Midnight Summer Jam / Say Something (feat. Chris Stapleton) [Live at the BRITs]


    thanks! very nice transition of the songs

  • OK. Here's my take (Only on the Neptunes joints lol):

    Midnight Summer Jam is damn groovy. guitar riff so fire blended with some vintage Neptunes use of the clavichord. Justin's falsetto on this takes me back to Justified. Kind of wish this was the first track of the album. That "suuuuumer nights" sounds so lush. My favorite part is that layered Harmony at the end with JT on the vocoder as the song fades out.

    Man Of The Woods is one of my least favorites. I like how fun it sounds tho. it’s super clean sounding . The Neptunes got this blues/funk/doo wow wow 808 trap shit on lock lol. Only they could do it. They keep pushing music forward. It’s genius how they make these sound choices fit together. I dig the bridge on this one man. I appreciate them doubling the bridge for the feeling on this.

    Higher Higher is MY SHIT tho. This shit is amazing. Man those chords and textures with JT's vocals kinda give me Justfied nostalgia. I absolutely adore the changes and structure of this song. I love the lyrics too. The song has MJ sway to it. Then that folk/country change with those chords on the bride is everything. The chords really feel like their lifting you “higher”.

    I love that Higher Higher goes into Waves two of my favorite records off the album.

    Waves soooo fire. Can’t wait to here this jam in the spring/summertime. Whoever’s on bass (Rafael Sadiq) is going to work on these changes. The bounce on this joint is stooopid. and that bridge maannn. I love the “Come On Babe, Let’s Go Let’s Go”.

    I like Supplies a whole lot more in context of the album. It thumps a lot harder imo due to the order of how they sequenced the songs. It’s a surprise change of pace.

    Montana gives me heavy Bee-Gees vibes and I’m 100% okay with that. I love how textured it is with the analog synth and the rhodes. I love how he sings “When I need a compass, you’re the one that I come get it”.

    Breeze off the Pond is a special record too. The guitars are so sick.

    I wish they he would’ve just dropped the album with a single or two and let it be without the Americana x 808s talks because that’s not what I got although I’m still listening.

    When I hear new album from an artist with a great body of work I hate comparing to the old but we all naturally do it. I think Justin and the Neptunes did what they set out do. They wanted to have fun and just create something forward.

    If you think of the Neptunes’ work over the years they have this ability to genre bend like no other. I didn’t hear the album as country. I heard it as a combination of all of Justin/Neptunes influences the funk, the r&B , the pop, the electronic/dance, the trap, the southern roots blues and country, even the disco. It’s all there if you listen.

  • I dig this. Breeze Off The Pond Instrumental by someone called 'Mika Krstic'
    Hmmm..... https://open.spotify.com/album/3O2ynvv1ZH5vhNRHO9hKK3

    That bridgee......man..

  • @reidkid

    Does that count as an instrumental? The vocals are played with an instrument.

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    Does that count as an instrumental? The vocals are played with an instrument.

    hell nah it aint no instrumental. this mess boo boo

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    @reidkid find me a better link please spotify doesnt work here

  • I'm still digging it....

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    Justin Timberlake's 'Man of the Woods' Tour 2018 Set List Revealed!


    “Midnight Summer Jam”
    “Man of the Woods”
    “Higher Higher”
    “Suit & Tie”
    “My Love”
    “Cry Me a River”
    “Drink You Away”
    “Until the End of Time”
    “Dreams” (cover) – sung by background singers
    “Ex-Factor” (cover) – sung by background singers
    “Come Together” (cover) – sung by background singers
    “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” (cover) – sung by background singers
    “Morning Light”
    “What Goes Around…Comes Around”
    “Say Something”
    “Summer Love”
    “Rock Your Body”
    “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”

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    @Mika interesting set list. I guess he’s retired “like I love you” and that whole MJ-eque image. The song choices are much more mature and laid back this time around

  • @Mika no WAVE or BREEZE OFF THE POND?! waaaaaaack...but i’m still going lol

  • @essntl agreed

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    I just watched this on a loop again and again and again 🔥

  • If I were to weigh in, I would say none of these songs are better than the outro to perfect day. Just sayin

  • only deep minded people (i'm not lifting myself up in no way) probably can understand these songs.. P's and Chad's direction (musicwise)!
    its about being considered / mindful at every point in your life (or at least being on the way to your total consideration) otherwise you are still "sleeping"), and remember JT ain't a teenager anymore) his mind constantly changes, just like like your minds do, as you grow up.. think over things... (sure smth stays with you along the way, but remember .....its the mystical experience party) ;) just wake yourself up and enjoy the album :D and enjoy your life)


  • That Higher Higher live thoooooo.....!!

  • looks like he added Like I Love You to the setlist...

  • He ain't performing Wave so I ain't going.

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