Pharrell’s Masterclass With Students At NYU Clive Davis Institute (Video) (2016)

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    50th Anniversary Artist-In-Residence NYU’s Tisch School Of The Arts Pharrell hosted a rare, private masterclass on Saturday, March 5, for undergraduate students at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU Tisch School Of The Arts. During the one-hour masterclass conducted by NYU Tisch faculty members Bob Power and Jason King, Williams listened to students’ music projects, offered them constructive criticism and discussed the nature of the creative process.

    “The idea behind the masterclass was to have Pharrell work directly with our students,” said King, “and to give them ideas about how to shape the music they’re making. It’s our mission to train students as creative entrepreneurs, and few artists have married the art and business of recorded music as successfully as Pharrell.” A follow-up event to Williams’ career retrospective interview at NYU in October 2015, Saturday’s masterclass event was part of Williams’ year-long residency during the 50th Anniversary Of The Tisch School Of The Arts.


    In addition to hosting the masterclass, Williams and his wife Helen will fund a need-based scholarship, making it possible for a high school student to attend the Clive Davis Institute’s highly sought-after Summer High School Program this July. The scholarship will go to a candidate who has demonstrated high artistic skill and achievement, exceptional dedication, and a high level of financial need.

    The selected student will receive specialized training in music business entrepreneurship through instruction, special field trips, and immersion in the culture of the New York City music industry. “The Tisch School of the Arts is fortunate to have Pharrell Williams as our 50th Anniversary artist-in-residence. He began the year with a thought-provoking school-wide conversation, and this spring’s visit made a lasting impression on all of our students. Now, his gift that will fund a scholarship for an aspiring music mogul is a true testament to Pharrell’s generous spirit and his dedication to education,” said Allyson Green, dean, Tisch School Of The Arts.

    “As an artist and educator, I am deeply grateful to Pharrell Williams for being such a strong role model for all of us at the Tisch School of the Arts.” Additionally, his foundation From One Hand to AnOTHER (FOHTA), worked closely with NYU to scout students who would excel at the Institute’s Summer High School Program. Thanks to the Williams’ generous donation and the recruitment efforts of the FOHTA team, three highly talented students were identified and admitted with scholarships.

    “I am, both personally and through From One Hand to AnOTHER, committed to bringing kids experiences that ignite their passions, challenge their minds, and provide them with opportunities to learn and be creative,” said Williams. “I’m confident they’ll receive that experience through the Summer High School Program at the Clive Davis Institute.”

    “Summer High School is one of the Institute’s most exciting development programs, where kids from around the world enjoy the opportunity to learn about music entrepreneurship, production, and arts and culture, in an intense and experiential way,” said Marat Berenstein, professional artist manager and faculty member at the Clive Davis Institute, where he also serves as lead instructor of High School Programs. “We couldn’t be happier to welcome three very talented students from Pharrell’s hometown of Virginia Beach to join us for a once-in-a-lifetime summer experience!”

  • @Mika yooo this shit was so dope. I actually went to middle school with Saba Jenga. I didn't even know she was an artist until after we graduated from our respective high schools and reconnected.

  • Awww man P and Bob Power in the same room ..sheeeit.

  • Wow at Maggie's track. P was making them faces

  • Maggie's was the stand out track obviously. My first impression though initially was..."Wow, I feel like I'm on that level along with a lot of you guys (producers) here on the forum. Not in a egotistical way...but just in the sense that the creativity is there. So to be recognized at an institute because you are a student there seems to be more of an accolade...not taking away from their hard work and creativity.

    I understand that the institute probably probably educates more of a holistic view of music and production and there is a lot of wisdom be learned by attending. I've always wanted to go to an institute for the same kind of thing. I just find the dynamics interesting between someone who goes to that sort of school and someone who developed what they know through grass roots and experience....or perhaps both.

    idk just a thought

  • This was really cool, what a great experience for these guys. Maggie track was so sick, and to see P enjoying it was something pretty special actually. I need that song

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