• Q: Who are some notable artists that you’ve worked with?

    First and foremost, I should probably mention Chad as being an extremely special person to have had the opportunity to work with. Simply put, being around him introduced me to an entirely new echelon of artists and a new tier of talent. He’s a very open-minded and exceptional musician; and his mind moves at a different level than most human beings can compete with. The amount of ground he can cover musically in the time it takes most of us to blink is unfathomable. Not only can he play just about any instrument you throw at him, but his comprehension of theory is unparalleled.

    full interview: http://www.h-blog.com/2016/04/08/daniel-biltmore-struggle-story-interview/

  • @Andre thanks man!

  • yeah biltmore
    coolest guy

  • Staff

    Really great interview.

    "Although nothing was released commercially from these sessions, I really enjoyed some time Chad and I got to have with Big K.R.I.T and Slim Thug. K.R.I.T. was just a really cool customer, super-approachable and comfortable to communicate with. And Slim Thug was just an absolute pro, able to hop into the booth, knock out a verse in one take, and hop back out. It was impressive."

    I hope they release those songs. The one featuring slim thug reminded me of Already Platinum.

    The interview is worth a read. He talks about The Neptunes a lot, but you also get some insight into dan, if you're not familiar with him already.

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