Hans Zimmer in concert (April 2016)

  • So I had the pleasure of going to see Hans Zimmer perform his new show in London (Wembley) last week. Was an absolutely incredible show, I can't quite describe how good it was. I've been a fan of Hans' music since a kid, so to hear the opening elements of his Lion King score (complete with the original African vocals of Lebo M also performing live!) was just unbelievable. Basic set up was that Hans would give a brief intro/segue with an anecdote or two, then would go into a 15-20min medley of music from a specific film or collection of films. The show lasted 3 hours with intermission, but it flew past. Memorable sections included his Batman scores, the Da Vinci Code, Interstellar, obviously ‘you’re so cool’ from True Romance (which at his admission, he ‘couldn’t resist’ doing), some stuff from Sherlock Holmes, Pirates of the Caribbean. He finished abruptly, but came back on stage to do a well received encore which was basically an Inception medley, finishing with time (the silence in the venue was audible as he played out the last couple of notes on piano). Had some awesome guests including Johnny Marr (the Smiths) and Mike Einziger (Incubus), and cellist Tina Guo who was freaking awesome (this was in addition to a 70 person band/orchestra/choir). His spoken parts were so endearingly awkward (he really wasn’t that good at articulating his stories - but it somehow added to the overall charm of the performance). I felt wave after wave of goosebumps at what was being played, something I’ve never felt at a concert before. He did mention Pharrell in one of his spoken sections (they played ELECTRO from Amazing Spiderman 2 - Marr on guitar was INSANE!!!!) and about how they all (i.e. magnificent 6) came up with the music for that film together, he spoke with great admiration for his collaborators, really humble and seemingly lovely guy. In sum, fantastic fantastic experience, wish I had been closer to the stage, but Top 5 concerts I’ve ever been to (maybe top 3).

  • Hans is a God. Plain and simple. Was this a one off show or is he touring?

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    that sounds pretty awesome buddy, woulda love to see him live !

  • @Spaceman he is touring all over Europe buddy. You can see the full list here:


    Hope you get the chance to see the show!

  • @Mika would definitely recommend it - no Serbian date, but a few nearby if you're dedicated enough lol

  • that's so sick i hope he does some shows in the states too

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