Yuna - Chapters (2016)

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    Yuna - Chapters (2016)

    1. Mannequin
    2. Lanes
    3. Crush (Feat. Usher)
    4. Unrequited Love
    5. Best Love
    6. Used To Love You (Feat. Jhené Aiko)
    7. Too Close
    8. Best Of Me
    9. Your Love
    10. All I Do
    11. Places To Go (Bonus)
    12. Poor Heart (Bonus)
    13. Time (Bonus)

    Best Love 💖💖

    Im not trying to overdo it but this record "Time" is really inspiring. Listen to the lyrics, definitely a message for some of us who are struggling for a position in this music industry. I definitely love this album and I havent even listened to all tracks yet.

  • link is dead. :(
    very curious to hear it though

  • Dayum this album is tiiight

  • Admin

    @VandG go buy it or stream it

  • @Mari Amen. Would respond positively to your post about not sharing links but can't, so will do here. Wholeheartedly agree with the policy

  • Just listened on Apple Music and this is such a nice album. Really pretty, beautifully textured music from Yuna - becoming one of my favourite artists for sure.

    & as a music lover, subscribing to Apple Music has been worth every penny. I'll buy physical releases if I really like an album based on a few spins. I know business models in the music industry are structured very differently now, and by streaming through Apple, Spotify etc. you're not making a huge difference to a musician financially, but the laziness/lack of willingness to go any way to supporting artists on a site filled with people passionate about music always surprises me. Im sorry for the realness.

  • nice album, lanes is my favourite track, nice neptunes feel to it

  • loving this album!

  • @Mari said:

    @VandG go buy it or stream it

    you right, my fault

  • Great album! Lanes is so good but "see you go" is still my fav from yuna !

  • I think this is one of the best, most immediate R&B albums I've listened to in the last 10 years, really loving it. It's kind of a fresh take on the type of music I used to love 10 or so years ago (but with Yuna's unique voice it feels completely fresh). Lanes and Crush w/ Usher are pretty much perfection, but there's a tonne of other great tracks on here. Perfect summer vibes

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