Pharrell to produce Little Big Town next album

  • ummmmm..... no?
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  • Little Big Town - One of Those Days (iTunes) (Produced by Pharrell)

  • I like it tho. So if the whole album is produced by Pharrell does that mean that their collaboration with JT on the album is also prod by Pharrell?

    Does that mean a new production featuring JT will come out in 15 days?
    I think it would be one of those days, lol

  • Actually liking this one - nice summer sound, washes over you, some nice flourishes. Plus - this is a fresh style from P! But dude needs to drop the vocal drops (I loved them for a few years, however, time to move on I think). At least different from stuff he's done lately (a bit more up tempo like the Cassius track). Will see if it grows further - and I'll never turn down a full album with Pharrell as a producer, awesome news esp. possibility of the JT track

  • In a weird way I am actually feeling this. The lyrics are so cheesy as all hell but I'm glad he's doing something different. I ado agree that the vocal samples need a rest for a good minute though.

  • not feeling it at all. normally i'm pretty open minded but after the rumors of the neptunes being back and seeing them in the studio with jt i got super hyped for what could be coming in the near future and later this year. then it's like, oh yeah the next major production is a country album.. nah man. nevermind the fact that my wife likes country and i give her a hard time about it.. if she catches me rocking out to this stuff i'll never hear the end of it lol

    i mean, i get the collab since they say country music is the new pop/rock and roll. it's def cool from that standpoint. but for me it just pisses all over the flame that got ignited a month or so ago when chad came out of hiding and seemingly gave a fuck about the neptunes legacy again. i was having dreams of phoom phooms, otherworldly synths, and neck snapping beats. but instead i gett this announcement..

  • Staff

    This is the whitest thing I've ever heard

  • Staff

    wait I just got excited... B/c what if he gave them songs like "rooting for my baby" and "provider"!? There's gotta be some old country NERD gems that he's given to them

  • I LOVE it ! I'm really glad he's trying some "different" things and I can't wait to hear the album!

  • Unicorn Music..... I think I like it

  • I really like it, probably cos I'm daggy and white

  • Admin

    its alright i guess for a radio tune

  • I was hoping for a Pharrell only produced album like we got last year with Snoop.
    Hope this one is as outstanding!

  • anybody got a re-up, the zippy link is dead?

  • I hear a bit of this lol

  • @VandG said:

    anybody got a re-up, the zippy link is dead?

    Yes, can someone please re-up?

  • @Skletch said:

    @VandG said:

    anybody got a re-up, the zippy link is dead?

    Yes, can someone please re-up?

  • @Mavis said:

    This is the whitest thing I've ever heard

    LMAO! I'm loving this joint though. This going on my summer playlist. I love when Pharrell works with artists and genres I have no interest in. He makes country appealing to me. I don't even listen to Little Big Town but dig this a whole lot!

  • bro, country is the most ass genre on the planet but i am intrigued cause this nigga p went outside the box.

  • I didn't even know who the F little big town were. The song's good though!
    This is going to make me sound like a smurf but waking up listening to this in the morning gets me through the day 😂

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