Are we going to get a Missy album anytime soon?

  • Exactly. I said Blurred Lines, Get Lucky and Happy (back when happy first came out on DM2 OST) were all gonna be hits on first listen. Even said it about the Ed Sheeran song.

    When you listen to as much popular music and current music as I do you just know man. You just know.

  • As much as I hate to admit the dark truth about how hit songs really work @Playahater is spitting nothing but facts in that regard. But if anybody has been known to interrupt the sound of mainstream and create a hit that sounds nothing like what's "popular" it's been Pharrell. Nothing sounded like Blurred Lines or Happy when they were in rotation.

  • Happy was epic, I sure there are still some Africans somewhere dancing to that right now like it never left...

  • Did P bite this for WTF?

  • Staff

    @UAJ11 said:

    Did P bite this for WTF?

    Nope but it's the same beat as major lazer - Aerosol Can feat. P.

    Boaz & Diplo must have sold it to the Korean guy too.

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