Pusha-T & McDonalds I'm Lovin It

  • Came across this earlier, I had no idea Push had involvement with McDonalds. I only knew of the JT track..

    t's 2003, maybe 2002. As an enterprising Redditer pointed out, longtime hip-hop exec Steve Stoute had recently launched his own ad agency, Translation (as in translating hip-hop culture for mainstream America) and one of his first major clients is McDonald's. The global burger giant wants to update its image, get younger, fresher, and Stoute's tasked with introducing a new jingle to the world.

    Stoute brings in Justin Timberlake, who at the time was at Peak Justin Timberlake, to sing the jingle, and given that the Neptunes had just produced half of JT's solo debut album and their bright sonic style, Pharrell's the obvious choice to produce. Stay with me now.

    So, it's 2003 and Pharrell Williams is working on a song. He needs a songwriter. Who's grindin right by his side at that time who could put pen to paper? That's right, King motherfucking Push wrote one of the most memorable commercial jingles of all-time.

    Forget anonymous drug dealers, writing a commercial jingle that goes on to run for over a decade is how you really end up with millions in the ceiling.

    I feel safe assuming that, like the Hot 97 crew, your mind was blown by this information. Mine too. But after a very serious and intensive journalistic investigation (aka scrolling through YouTube) I learned that this is far from breaking news. The original 2003 ad also featured an extended, minute long version of the song complete with en fuego verses from Pusha, whose voice at the time would have been essentially unrecognizable to most of America. The vast majority of people who ever even saw the full spot must have just written him off as "some random rapper."


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    Yeah but I think it's a case of these guys being misled. Because Cardan already had that song in 1999. They changed literally one word "feelin" to "lovin". I didn't know push had a featured verse on the ad though.

  • Wait I got a I'm Lovin' It song in my iPod with Push for the longest time. Is this what we're talking about here ? I remember the first lines : I'm lovin' it, is this a place to eat ? Since I don't cook I'll just rock to the beat, I'm lovin' it...

  • My mind was blown when the homies told me about this.

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    damn guys, yall late as fak

  • Ayee, atleast he's getting his bread, or at least you would think he is from something like that.

  • Don't mean to be that hipster guy but isn't this like 2003 news? If you lurked on the ST and NERD forums back then, then you were that guy who told everyone at the time you knew all about the background to the new (at the time) McDonalds jingle

  • Yeah I'm late as fuck to this one my bad lol

  • Does the full version of that song exist?

  • there is also a version with Snoop Dogg

  • this news to me, don't remember this version of the jingle at all

  • Is Kelis on the hook for the Cardan version?

  • Interesting...

  • @darrenlaking said in Pusha-T & McDonalds I'm Lovin It:


    this was a genius move by McDs

  • @darrenlaking Pharrell is the world. He ties into everything that ever existed and that’s why he’s the goat...

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    McDonalds paid 6 Million Dollars for that song !!!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!

  • @Mavis said in Pusha-T & McDonalds I'm Lovin It:

    McDonalds paid 6 Million Dollars for that song !!!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!

    ikr Aaron!....you know there were rumors back in the days that somebody paid the 'tunes 2 million for a track, I remember Nas and Snoop being the names most often mentioned, but I kept thinking that "Nas Angels" was not worth no 2 million and Snoop would not have to pay them 2 million for a track....

    Anyway, it was never confirmed and I just wrote it off as an "urban legend", but now I'm thinking Pharrell and Chad's cut could have been 2 million after Justin and everyone else got theirs...making it most likely there most expensive track to date....just a thought!

  • @darrenlaking Mika started that rumour and it somehow got picked up by MTVNews.

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    @Playahater said in Pusha-T & McDonalds I'm Lovin It:

    @darrenlaking Mika started that rumour and it somehow got picked up by MTVNews.

    we had so many VIP's in the IRC channel back in the day my man you won't believe me

  • @Playahater said in Pusha-T & McDonalds I'm Lovin It:

    @darrenlaking Mika started that rumour and it somehow got picked up by


    Lol!....I had no idea, wow!....MTV really didn't check their sources in those days did they?...😄

  • Haha I remember when that rumor was in circulation on here. Idk why Nas’s name was always thrown into the hat as being the one that paid for the beat

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