Knukurru (Neptunes Accused Of Making "Clones" Of Other People)

  • if this nigga is zakoni we are all fucked lmao.

  • theeplane said:

    He's a douche. I remember him. His beats didn't even sound anything like neptunes. Like, he literally tried to sue them because they used Indian percussion and synthesisers - which, ironically, he copied from them and Timbo in the first place

    He used to moan about it on the forum. I think he was just salty that they didn't follow things up with him.

    I think he was heavily influenced by Timbaland more so than the Neptunes. You can't deny the fact that he was an ill producer at that time. He could've handled the situation a lot better, but given the circumstance what would have done differently? (Considering that he was threatened by Rob Walker and Pharrell on the Star Trak Forum) I may a couple of his tracks on my external.

    Can you share the tracks with us bro?

    the timbaland influence is clear as fuck.


    [link text](

  • UAJ11 said:

    Sounds like loads of stuff falling down in the kitchen.


  • alt text

  • @theeplane LMAO holy shit.

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