No Malice - Jesus Christ

  • I am surprised

  • Yo this is fire. If more of Malice's solo stuff sounded like this I'd listen to him. This really makes me miss him and Pusha making songs together :(

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  • fuck... i wish malices last album sounded like that, even the song chad produced was ass. the only song that was cool was the songs with push and fam-lay.

  • like it just sounds wrong to me like ugh... his wordplay when he's talking bout coke is so tight

  • in that album he was still using the wordplay but contradicted it, like he still has that shit in him, "mozart never tickled this many keys" fuck. i saw this documentary where he was talking bout god and stuff and how he saved him but man....

  • Staff

    Clipse need to do just one more song... Like an Eminem "Guilty Conscience" type track. Or maybe extend that concept to an album. That'd really suit them, since they're so different to one another now.

  • @Mavis hell yeah, they gotta do some shit.. maybe like Speakerboxx/Love Below.. you got 2 discs, one about crack and shit, the other disc Malice details like the consequences of selling crack or they could just do that format in every song on the album, like the guilty conscience off SSLP thing u just said.

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    shytgodamn this is dope !

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