• i never was big on Nothing as a whole. hot n fun sucks, nothing on you sucks, perfect defect is blah, but today while driving Party People came on, i never was a fan of that song, but for some reason that shit is really good today. i think i see what pharrell was trying to do, that deep Earth Wind And Fire vibe with the horns and repetitive elements. the way the song starts is really not tight and i think thats what throws me off for the most part, but when that simple chorded pad comes and all the intruments mesh during the hook, its great, i can see that song ( including Till The Morning and Beat Goes On) was the start of pharrell starting this 70s FunkSoulDisco thing that he's been trying to do on recent productions ( whice i fucking hate) but although its an early version of his standard sound now in some way, he nailed it. idk why i made this thread haha oh and nothing is soooooo good except nothing on you and hot n fun. even scared temple and fuego are great. i wish they kept that good kid song for themselves really

  • Underrated

  • Nothing is definitely my least favorite of the discography, but I am happy for gems like "inside of clouds, life as a fish, perfect defect is cool, and god bless us all-- victory is cool to. I def agree on Party People, but it just makes the album start really quickly, imo. Like uncomfortably fast, but it def rides well, and I agree on the crescendo during the chorus, those extra chords in the background make it sound really beefy and full.

  • Party People Hit me when I first heard it because of the horns on the chorus. It was so epic sounding. I remember going to an N.E.R.D show once and he played party people early and it sounded kinda meh. Like flat sounding even with the heavy bass. Lacked any energy. The studio version sounds sooooo much better. And T.I's verse is sick!!!

  • Party People is one of my favs off Nothing. Now that I think of it next to Lapdance it's my fav N.E.R.D. Album opener

  • Nothing gets unwarranted hate. One of my favorite albums and I love it more than ISO. Fight me.

  • ahh skletch u lost me there hahhaha but i respect everyones opinions and shit so yeah Nothing gets hated o. seeing sound was cool i hate kill joy so much and i legit was never too big on you know what and laugh about it

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    Nothing was cool because of all the weird 60's and 70's references. Santa Esmerelda, Sergio Mendes, The Animals, The Doors etc... but for some reason i really don't listen to it any more. I think the whole album 'sounds' weird. Like, kind of thin sounding? does anyone know what i mean?

  • @Mavis yeah it does sound thin, i dont listen to it much. I enjoy a few songs and party people to me was a song that always got me hype. I remember I tried to force help me on some friends and one day I listened to it and was like "yo this song is trash, but i totally thought it was cool like a week ago" maybe its that really loud bass and the brass

  • @Mavis I think I get what you mean. It doesn't captivate me as much as ISO or FoD. I can really get into those albums, but it could be attributed to just how things are these days. Back when ISO and FoD were out, life wasn't as busy lol. I could really sit-down and jump into an album beyond the actual music.

  • All the bonus tracks were the best songs on Nothing (it's in the air, sacred temple, I wanna jam, the man, fuego & ride that thing)
    T.I.'s verse ruins Party People for me.

  • @matty I think T.I's cadence rhyming wise is super dope on party people. I gotta listen to fuego and ride that thing, may have heard those under a handful of times. I really need to study "Nothing" this weekend. I think I am really missing out on a lot lol. My bandmate also puts "Nothing" in super high regards.


    I wanna jam might be the worst nerd song ever

  • This thread made me listen to SS and Nothing again. It's been a while.

  • I never listen to Perfect Defect, Nothing on You, I Wanna Jam or Hypnotize U but except these I love this album

  • yeah ''nothing'' was a 8/10 in my book
    i love sounds alot so i love to hear the way they go about their sounds on each track .
    every track is unique thats what i like about ''nothing'' they were trying to bring awareness to the world slightly . but yeah my least favorites are ''god bless us all '' and ''help me'' everything else is amazing .. the hook on ''ive seen the light'' is 10/10

  • @BabyMilo Man, you hate all the best songs lol. I Wanna Jam is sick. I think you're more on the side with the rest of the forum. You guys love the really musical shit with the pretty chords whereas I love the hard hitting, in your face shit. It's crazy how diverse our tastes are.

  • Nothing is a very forgettable album

  • @Skletch agreedo, I Wanna Jam is top 3 on Nothing. And Hot-n-Fun is a trash :)

  • @BabyMilo both styles are great as fuck idk how people hate nothing so much

  • I'm in the 'hate' camp on this. I just can't get past how cringe-y and awkward the lyrics and vocal melodies are on it. I enjoy the beats on God Bless Us All, Help Me, I've Seen The Light/Inside Of Clouds. Party People and Hypnotize U are listenable and I actually kinda like I Wanna Jam. The rest is garbage.

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