Any New Neptunes Lately?

  • What's the latest Neptunes/Pharrell/Chad song out now? I have this nagging feeling that I might have missed something lol

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    A$AP Rocky - Hear Me feat. Pharrell (16').mp3
    Cassius - Go Up feat. Pharrell & Cat Power (16').mp3
    Cassius - The Missing feat. Pharrell, Ryan Tedder & Jaw (16').mp3
    Chad Hugo - Friend Of Star Trek (16').mp3
    Hannah Huston - I Call The Shots (16').mp3
    J Balvin - Safari feat. Pharrell, BIA & Sky (16').m4a
    Kap G - Southside (16').mp3
    Kenna - Sleep When We Die (Chad Hugo Remix) (16').mp3
    Kevin McCall - Rocketship Emoji (16').mp3
    Little Big Town - C'mon feat. Justin Timberlake (16').mp3
    Little Big Town - Miracle (16').mp3
    Little Big Town - One Dance (16').mp3
    Little Big Town - One Of Those Days (16').mp3
    Little Big Town - Skinny Dippin' (16').mp3
    Little Big Town - The Boat (16').mp3
    Little Big Town - Willpower (16').mp3
    Little Big Town - Work (16').mp3
    Missy Elliott - Pep Rally (16').m4a
    Mr. Len & Chad Hugo - I Live It (16').mp3
    Pharrell Williams - B Is For Book (16').mp3
    Pharrell Williams - On Space (Snippet) (16').mp3
    Pharrell Williams - Rules Of The Game (Snippet) (16').mp3
    Pharrell Williams - Rules Of The Game II (Snippet) (16').mp3
    Pharrell Williams - Rules Of The Game III (Snippet) (16').mp3
    Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine & Blake Shelton - I Wish (Stevie Wonder Cover) (16').mp3
    Pharrell Williams, Daniel Passino & Hannah Huston - Let Love Rule (16').mp3
    Sawyer Fredericks - 4 Pockets (Pharrell Williams Mix) (16').mp3
    Skepta - Numbers feat. Pharrell (16').mp3
    The Quarry - City Lights (16').mp3
    The Quarry - So I Walked Out In The Rain (16').mp3
    Wale - Untitled (Snippet) (16').mp3

  • could someone post a download link for 2016 songs listed here ?

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