Moxie Turtle still around?

  • i know this isnt the Outkast message boards but lately i've been on an Outkast binge, finding out shit i didnt know like how 'the love below' was originally called 'love hater'. and was supposed to be followed by a movie directed by Morgan Freeman and Love Hater would act as the soundtrack but i also found that Andre's company Moxie Turtle was supposed to produce multiple other projects like children films, I feel like that shit could've happened if they weren't sued or didn't have budget issues like fuck... imagine if all that shit happened bro, but I was searching up the Moxie company, is that shit still actually around, same with Bixby? like that shit was supposed to be revamped by late 2012, cause google still shows Moxie as an active company, like there's an address and everything, working hours etc on the sites.

  • I didn't know anything that you just mentioned lol

  • mr_novalike said:

    I didn't know anything that you just mentioned lol

    tbh lol

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