In My Mind turns 10

  • Sup y'all In my Mind turns 10 this year which kind of blows my mind. So many good memories. Too many to post but more interstingly My favorite track on the album along with many others on here was "I really like you" I remember there was a genius reference track for it posted on here where P was singing the harmonica solo part before ever laying it down. I had it on my old computer but I no longer have it. Does anybody still have this?

  • crazy. i rem the night that the album leaked.

  • Fuck.... I remember finding 'Number 1' on my uncle's laptop when i was like 11, shit, i remember seeing the album in my dad's car and seeing 'Can I Have It Like That' on TV just thinking "wtf this is sick". Damn, a decade.. I really like you is still my favourite.

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    That MTV article sucks. Writers need to stop analysing the fun out of everything :(

    Happy Bday IMM ❤️

  • this album shaped me man, this is like, my bible.

  • I remember my high school playing Number 1 at the pep rallies we played at the time,
    damn. AND Wanderland turns 15 in like october

  • Man I remember searching high and low night and day for this album. Almost getting fired from my job when the Can I Have It Like That music video dropped for leaving the register to run to the tv down the hall and making them turn the channel. Meeting Pharrell for the first time during his promo run for this album and getting In Search Of vinyl and some Ice Creams signed, he even gave us a drop for our dj mixes. Finally getting the leaks on my sidekick and sitting in the car for an hour two playing it with my friends.

    Actually feels a lot longer than ten years ago.

    alt text

    alt text

    Been waiting all year to break these out.

  • I remember watching that live version on Angel on TRL. P was all like "November 16th, yessir" but they kept pushing it back lmao

  • i used to spend hours on that BAPE avatar maker, that shit was fun too. fuck, knowing P was into like Foo Fighters, Nirvana and Jamiroquai also was the coolest to me. like this dude is into country heavy and you couldn't tell him shit, thats so cool to me, he legit changed how i felt bout country with the little big town record too.

  • Damn, i loved everything about this album!
    So that's how 10years feels like
    alt text

  • I used to have the red striped shirt cover but that became my poster, now the CD has had no cover for years..."I Really Like You" and "That Girl" will never get old to me...basically this album and Tribe is the only hip hop I ever go back to

  • IMM is one of my favorite albums ever. It basically raised me and broadened my pallete to love other music. IMM fused hip hop, jazz, r&b, and funk expertly. I hate that P doesn't acknowledge it. But at least the grindin fam loves and appreciates this masterpiece.

  • Shout out to Chad for giving P those drums. I love the drums on this record. That whole style was cool as shit.

  • That album brings back sooo many memories for me. I remember begging my parents to take me to the store so I can but IMM on the first day, & then I watch Pharrell on every music show that came on that day

  • I'll never forget going to Kmart with my dad to get this album. Got that Nelly Furtado while I was at it too.

  • @Spaceman that 'Loose' one with Promiscious and Say It Right?

  • said:

    @Spaceman that 'Loose' one with Promiscious and Say It Right?

    Yup, the same one.

  • shit, my dad played that album constantly and fucking shock value vol 1, i still think that album is epic af.

  • i actually saw that in the CD store when i went album shopping, i was gonna buy it but i didnt have enough cause i already had jamiroquai's synkronized, cam'ron - come home with me and like a gnarls barkley CD and nellyville.

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