The neptunes died 2013... :D

  • they need to get with the lo fi trap wave... i need to hear pharrell do a sedated trap beat...

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  • this thread reminiscent of the old ST forum days lol

  • That's not challenging enough for them. Why ride a wave when you can make tsunamis?

  • Name a tsunami Pharrells made in the last 2 years...

    I'll wait bruh

  • @Playahater Alright.

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  • Blow too.

  • wait and Superpower.

  • Come Get It Bae and Marilyn Monroe took over the charts too

  • Marilyn Monroe did not take over the charts lol

  • R U A Freak
    CC The World
    Rooting for my baby
    Look Up
    Wine Glass Woman

  • are you guys fucked? those are all songs from before aug 2014...thus not within 2 years

    except R U a Freak?

    And oh god NONE of those songs were Tsunamis...

    "Tsunami" = Happy, Blurred Lines, Get Lucky, MoneyMaker, Drop it Like Its Hot, Senorita/Like I Love You/Rock Your Body

    Not Wine Glass Woman....

  • are you guys fucked. those are all songs from before aug 2014...thus not within 2 years....except R U a Freak?

    And NONE of those songs any of you named except Sing were "Tsunmanis"....

    Sing was a minor hit....but yea. Delusion on this forum is REAL

  • Hahahah oh my, I thought people started listing their favorite songs randomly. Except maybe Sing, none of these are heavy hits

  • Lol I'm still awestruck by the stupidity on here. People started naming random Pharrell songs from like 4 years ago in response to "name a tsunami from the last 2 years" only one of the songs mentioned (Sing) could be considered remotely a "tsunami" - but it's from 3 years ago.

    Is the delusion that strong on this forum? I'm genuinely curious....

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    The stupidity? Chill out dickhead. You said the last two years. To regular people that means 2014-2016. Sing was 2014. If you want to be anal it's 2 years, 3 months and 3 weeks - and the song was a hit for about 6 months. Which makes it 1yr and 9months ago

    It's not "remotely tsunami", it was the biggest song of the year. The single went multi platinum in Italy, australia, New Zealand, the U.K., Canada, The USA, Sweden & Denmark. As well as gold everywhere else. That's not deluded that's facts.

    "Ooh lmfao i got proved wrong so I'm going to call people stupid looool"

  • I'm not a dickhead. Yea sure i probably shouldn't have been that harsh tho

    With your logic Happy could been named since it charted for most of 2014 (bigger song than Sing - so Sing wasnt the biggest song that year BTW). But Happy was released late 2013 so doesn't count.

    So anyways I'm gonna re-ask my question: name a "tsunami" Pharrell produced in the last 2 years

    Only valid answer I heard was Alright. And it totally had trap elements to it with the drums. Alright is Pharrell following the trend. It works well for him

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    Stupidity ? Dickhead ?


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  • Last kiss is fire too

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