Neptunes/Pharrell Presets

  • Post here what presets you discover that The Neptunes or Pharrell himself have used. I'll start off...

    Korg 01W:
    Synth Clavi (the infamous clavichord, EQ'd and messed with a bit)
    Super Voice (that late 90s and early 2000s Neptunes choir, used with a phaser and flanger coupled with some EQing)
    Explorer (used on Mafia, stock)

    Liverpool Bass (JHUD tracks, Leah Labelle tracks, used for the bassline on pretty much any disco P beat)

    LD Saw xOC (i) (Los Awesome, The Problem LAWWDDD, etc.) <- can't confirm but a homie of mine told me about this, don't doubt it)

    Give us your finds...

  • Korg 01
    16' Piano (Used on a lot of the early stuff. Tracks like midnight hour and whatnot.)

    Strategy (used in ODB's Cold Blooded)

    Hard Tines (the electric piano used in Best Dress)

    Roland 1080, 2080, 5080

    Comp clap (used in Beautiful, Work it Out and others.)

    Way Hip Hop Kit (The drums from Baby come off of this kit.)

    Korg Triton

    Pretty much the whole damn keyboard lol

    There's a lot more but that's too much typing

  • Korg Triton:

    Strato-Chime (I feel like P used that on Frontin)
    Orchestra & Ethnic
    Indian Ocean (He remade that for Milkshake)
    Old & Analog
    Percussion Kit (Grindin)
    Chorus E. Guitar
    Warm Steel Drums - Im Not You & I feel like he used em on Wamp Wamp maybe.
    Digital PolySix
    Acoustic Piano

    They also used this effect kit i forgot the name to that I found on the Clones intro.

    I feel like they also used the Clav preset on there too but maybe im wrong.

    I feel like they used a lot of flanger on their records too.

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