• I have a lot so I just wanna know whats yours

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    New Glasses
    Out The Ghetto
    Amazin' (Kandace)
    Rockaway Life
    Boys (original)

    I love the dreamy music on all of those, and each one the bridges has lyrics about running away to a perfect world. (Except for amazin)
    That's my favourite thing about Neptunes, the fantasy/dream/weird reality they paint with music.

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    This post is deleted!

  • Second Chance/Tape You (Electronic) (they're the same thing but idk whether i like it better with piano or strings)
    Let's Take A Ride
    Use Your Heart
    What's A Guy Gotta Do
    In Your Arms Tonight
    The Don, The Dutch

    Honorable Mentions:
    Rolling Through The Hood
    I Still Love You
    Way She Dance (the breakdown)
    Till The Morning
    You Know What
    Love Bomb
    I Don't Care Any More
    Get Down

  • so many more too.

  • The way she dances
    Like i love you
    Sugar honey ice tea
    Rockaway life
    Everyone nose
    Wanna love you girl

  • fuck i forgot sugar honey iced tea

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    Usher - What's A Guy Gotta Do feat. Pharrell & Justin Timberlake (03') !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Mika did they just never take JT's vocals off? cause i still hear em on that bridge when it goes 'passion' & 'reaction'

  • Usher - I Don't Know
    Koryn Hawthorne - Bright Fire
    Leah Labelle - Sexify
    Natasha Ramos - Invisible
    Latrelle - House Party

  • i listened to Girlfriend today and that bridge is definitely insiNck (?). EVER SINCE I SAW YOUR FAAACE NOTHING IN MY LIFE HAS BEEN THE SAAME.
    Like I Love You
    Everyone Nose
    cant think of a fifth one right now

  • i forgot 'i dont know' from 8701 oh shit

  • Hard to only pick 5 but
    Justin - Last night
    NERD - Everyone Nose
    NERD - The Way She Dances
    Sleepy Brown - Margarita
    NERD - Love Bomb

  • Last Night
    Feet don't fail me now
    The way she dances
    Love Bomb

    Damn so many more bridges.

  • Everyone knows
    Anti matter
    Run to the sun
    Hello new world
    Frontin/say good bye to love

  • well right now
    Lets Take A Ride
    Take it From Here
    Honorable Mentions For Right Now
    Good Girl
    Kitty Kat

  • Frontin
    Everyone Nose
    I Wanna Love You
    Kitty Kat

  • Too many, but:

    Out the ghetto
    Let's take a ride
    Kelis - flashback
    Usher - I don't know

    'And the only think that's missing is the one... - is it you?'

  • So no mention of Kelis' Get Even ? Not even my fav track off that album but the bridge is otherworldly

  • Kenna - Rockaway Life
    Babyface - Stressed out
    Usher - I don't know
    Latrelle - House Party
    Timberlake -Last Night
    NER*D - The Way She Dances

    Just for now.....

  • latrelle's version of nothin else omg.

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